Iphone Does Not Work Touch Id

Iphone Does Not Work Touch Id

After installing iOS firmware on iPhone 5S, a problem may arise when Touch ID does not work on iPhone 5s. Our review will help Apple gadget owners understand what to do in such cases.

The problem arises due to the imperfect sensitivity of the fingerprint scanner, but with each updated firmware, Apple promises to improve the functionality of Touch ID, its reaction to touch. The loss of sensitivity of the Touch ID biometric scanner does not occur immediately, but over time, and, given the fact that this is a completely new technology, you can slightly close your eyes to the flaws in its work.

The first tip for these symptoms is to re-scan. This will help improve the response of Touch ID and, probably, the user can postpone the visit to the service center for a long time.

  • In the smartphone settings menu (basic) go to “Touch ID and password”.
  • Select a fingerprint in the Touch ID menu (pulsating in gray) and scan it again. If necessary, perform this procedure with all the fingerprints previously registered in the iPhone’s memory.

What to do if Touch ID doesn’t work at all

If the secondary scanning of fingerprints that you registered earlier did not solve the problem, and the scanner does not respond to touch, use our second tip – remove all your fingerprints (the "delete" button), and then register them again.

Delete fingerprints. Step-by-step instruction

  1. Open the basic settings of iPhone 5S → “Touch ID and Password” and enter the secret code.
  2. Select “Touch ID and password” on the sub-item of the menu that opens.
  3. Enter the passcode you set earlier (secret code).
  4. Alternately selecting the fingerprints that you previously registered, delete them by clicking the “Delete Finger print” button.
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Re-register fingerprints. Instruction manual

Iphone Does Not Work Touch Id

After removal, the problem when the fingerprint on the iPhone 5s does not work is eliminated, because the gadget will function perfectly without activating this innovative function, but the trouble is that the owner of the iPhone likes its features, he’s used to using it already. So, register the "fingers" again. Apple took care of users and created the simplest scheme for adding fingerprints to the gadget’s memory. Re-registration in many cases helped to resolve the issue of failure of the Touch ID function.

  1. Go to the settings menu iPhone 5S → "Touch ID and password." You will not have any registered fingerprints at this point, as you have all just deleted them.
  2. As before, select the "Add a Fingerprint …" / "Add Fingerprint" function.
  3. To fix the problem that the fingerprint does not work on the iPhone 5s, bring up the finger whose fingerprint you want to add and press the Home button several times. You must remember to touch several times until the fingerprint on the screen is completely filled in red.

Fingerprint Request Interface

Raise your finger and touch the Home button as many times as you need for a full scan. At the same time, the opinions of users on the issue of touch frequency are divided: some believe that the smaller the touch step, the higher the accuracy of fingerprint recognition. Others, on the contrary, believe that moving your finger across the scanner plays a more important role for further work.

After re-registering, unlock your iPhone. If everything worked out, you won’t need to read further tips. However, if your smartphone still does not have the Touch ID of iPhone 5s, try to fix the error in the following way.

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Backup Recovery

Full renewal of the smartphone through the backup can help with the error of the fingerprint scanner that is not working in the iPhone 5S.

  1. Connect the smartphone to the PC on which iTunes is installed.
  2. On the left side or in the upper sector on the right, select your gadget
  3. Go to the "Browse" menu and select the "Restore iPhone" command.
  4. Then you will see an iTunes question about backing up your iPhone, you should select “Back up” if you haven’t backed up before. If you previously made a backup in iCloud or iTunes, then you do not need to create another one. Then you need to click on the Restore and Update command (it will appear in a pop-up window).
  5. The iTunes app immediately starts installing iOS firmware on your smartphone
  6. When the installation is complete, you can resume the backup on your phone from the iCloud cloud or through iTunes.

This method in most cases should help to fix the problem when fingerprints do not work on the iPhone 5s, even though re-registering them did not fix the problem. In fairness, we note that over time, Touch ID often does not work on the iPhone 6.

In the event that the flashing did not work and the Touch ID still does not give a reaction to your touches, you will have to visit the service center or at least contact specialists from Apple gadget support for advice.