Iphone Is Dead And Does Not Turn On – What To Do

Iphone Is Dead And Does Not Turn On - What To Do

Recently, a friend asked for help. He said that his iPhone was discharged and did not turn on when charging. What to do in a similar situation? Personally, I am a fan of the Android operating system, so for the answers I went to the Internet. I dug up several ways that may help, but not always. Now consider the instructions for the iPhone.

Common problem

Judging by the messages on the forums, such a negative phenomenon is not common, but there is a place to be. And with this you need to somehow fight. It is good that in the vast majority of cases you can do without going to the service workshop. So – you can save a lot of money (yes, repairing an iPhone 7 and other models is not cheap).

Why does my Apple smartphone not turn on after connecting the power supply? The reasons are as follows:

  • The device was in a discharged state for a long time (from several days or more);
  • A software failure has occurred;
  • The socket for connecting the charging is damaged, or there is another hardware failure that prevents the phone from “recharging”.

If the iPhone is discharged and does not charge, what should I do?

Based on these factors, we consider effective solutions.

  • When the battery is completely empty – connect the original “charge” to the iPhone, connect to the power supply and wait about fifteen minutes. At first the screen will be black, but later an icon should appear, indicating the beginning of the process:

Suddenly Afyon 6 does not start even after half an hour, but a “hint” appears on the display. they say you need to connect to the outlet, then do the required operation and wait at least four hours, until the resource is restored to 100%:

  • If takes place program type failure (the methods listed above are powerless), so you have to resort to a "hard reset". Hard Reset is simple, but after it all installed applications, data are deleted, that is, you get an iPhone with clean firmware.
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It is necessary to clamp and hold two buttons on the case – Home and Power (inclusion). If you have a new iPhone that does not have a “Home” control, then hold down “Volume +” instead:

Do not let go until the “bullseye” appears on the display. This usually happens after twenty seconds. The first start after the reset lasts longer than usual, you have to wait. And then immediately put on charge, after which you can restore information from iCloud.

If it didn’t help

I don’t want to upset you, but in the case of the ineffectiveness of the listed ways to solve the problem, most likely the reason is a hardware failure:

  • The battery is “dead” completely – you need to replace it in a service center;
  • Damaged charging cable – try using a different one;
  • The slot for connecting the power source is broken – you will have to contact the SC to replace the connector;
  • Critical failure of the basic "firmware". alas, you won’t do anything at home.

Now you know what to do if the iPhone is discharged and does not turn on even when the charger is connected. Try and be sure to write in the comments which method was useful to you.