Iphone Setup Tips

Iphone Setup Tips

From iPhone to Android

Transferring data from one smartphone to another is now no longer a problem – moving from iOS to Android as a child’s game – well, at least almost.

Of course, you can transfer all important data, such as contacts, messages, music and video, but it is not possible to copy system applications to another OS.

In addition to the classical method of moving individual files manually by copying / pasting, there are a huge variety of applications from smartphone manufacturers that are able to restore backups from other operating systems. There are also third-party solutions.

How to transfer data to Samsung Galaxy

Manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony offer their own programs for transferring contacts from iPhone to Android and other data. The software interfaces are mostly understandable – connect the smartphone to the computer, select the desired iOS backup to restore and import it. Below we will look at how to transfer data using the Samsung program in several ways.

Samsung provides its customers with the Smart Switch program, which can transfer the contents of the old phone to the new Galaxy model, that is, import data from another operating system.

There are 3 ways to transfer iOS content to Galaxy: import from iCloud cloud, via direct USB connection to iPhone or computer.

Import through iCloud: In the iOS settings on your iPhone, in the iCloud section, select the data that you want to copy to the cloud. To transfer them to your new Galaxy smartphone, download and install the Smart Switch Mobile app on it. The current flagship Galaxy S7, this application is already built into the system.

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Launch Smart Switch Mobile and select “iOS Devices”. In this case, none of the devices need to be connected via USB, import from iCloud will be launched automatically, for this you do not even need to log in to your system under your Apple ID account. Select the content and click on “Import”.

Using Smart Switch Mobile, you can import contacts, calendar, photos and videos directly from iCloud or from iPhone to Samsung via USB (OTG) connection.

Via USB: Transferring data from iPhone to Samsung via USB works on the same principle as importing from iCloud. Only in this case, the devices need to be interconnected via USB via the OTG adapter (adapter). For the Galaxy S7, it is offered in the kit.
Download and install Smart Switch Mobile on Android and select “iOS devices”. The program will scan the contents of the iPhone, and then copy the selected data.

Important: iPhone should not be password protected via iTunes, otherwise it will not work to transfer contacts, music, videos, etc.

Via pc: First you need to make sure that the local backup of iPhone on the computer was created using iTunes. Also check if it is password protected.

Then download the Smart Switch program to a Windows or Mac computer and run it. Connect your smartphone and click on the Restore button in the Smart Switch application, then on the “Choose another backup” item. Open iTunes Backup, select the appropriate iOS backup and mark the content to copy – contacts, bookmarks, photos, videos and a list of applications. The list can be viewed when Smart Switch Mobile is installed on the Samsung phone – the program will show iOS applications that correspond to the Android list that can be installed on the Galaxy.

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Sync contacts from iPhone via Google

You can synchronize all contacts from iPhone to Android using your Google account. If you want to use this method, you need to register an account.

Go to the settings on the iPhone and select "Mail, contacts, calendars." Then, in the menu item “account”, add your Google account, which you use on your Android mobile device. Choose what data should be synchronized – for example, all contacts – and make sure that you have an active Internet connection. In fact, this is the best and most reliable way, thanks to which you can quickly transfer contacts to a new Android device. Contacts will be stored on Google’s servers, and you will have the opportunity to use them at any time from any Android device and computer. Now you will not lose your contact list from iPhone.

An easy way to transfer photos directly from iPhone to Android

Iphone Setup Tips

To transfer an array of photos from iPhone to an Android device, connect iPhone to PC. Now you can access the iPhone’s disk memory and photos in the DCIM folder and transfer them directly to an Android phone connected via USB or first to a computer.

In the same way, you can sync music to your PC. And from a computer, you can simply transfer it to any smartphone with a different operating system.

Data transfer using third-party programs

Third-party applications serve as a file converter between different operating systems.

You can transfer contacts, SMS messages and multimedia files to a new phone using the paid and fairly functional MobileTrans program. In the free test version, you can transfer only 5 contacts.

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To get started, install the program on a PC. Connect your iPhone and Android to your computer via USB and launch MobileTrans.

Requirements: iTunes must be installed on the computer so that it can transfer data to the iPhone. In addition, activate the “USB Debugging” function on Android, which is located along the path: Settings – Developer Options – Debugging.

In MobileTrans, select the data to back up. Note that using this program you can transfer any data. Click on the copy button and MobileTrans will transfer everything selected from the smartphone from iOS to Android.