‘Karein Shuru?’ of Wunderman Thompson Mumbai? Focuses on mutual fund distributors for AMFI

The Mutual Fund Association of India (AMFI) has unveiled its ambitious mutual fund distributor recruitment campaign, “Karein Shuru?”. The comprehensive campaign conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson Mumbai, includes television commercials to reinforce the need and attractiveness of mutual fund distribution as a career option with long-term earning potential for people with disabilities. entrepreneurial aspirations.

The launch includes four TVCs depicting how individuals from different backgrounds – whether recent university graduates, individuals from rural India, mid-career professionals or small business owners and entrepreneurs – have opted for the distribution of mutual funds as a profession. It presents the attractive career opportunity with its productive earning potential, not only benefiting themselves, but in the process, earning the goodwill of the members of the society they serve as a distributor of mutual funds . The campaign targets new graduates, enterprising people with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Speaking on the occasion, A Balasubramanian, Chairman of AMFI, said, “The Indian mutual fund industry has the potential to cross INR 100 trillion in AUM before 2030. With only about 1, 25 lakh mutual fund distributors At present, the reach of intermediaries is limited. Given this under-penetration, we expect and hope that the “Karein Shuru?” would help the Indian mutual fund industry to onboard more distributors and reach a larger investor base across the country.

“Becoming a mutual fund distributor requires less than Rs. 5000/- as an initial investment,” Balasubramanian said. mutual fund distributors to grow their revenues at an exponential rate Market appreciation alone would have driven an MFD’s revenues from X to 16X over the last 20 years.

NS Venkatesh, Director General of AMFI, said: “Our internal research has revealed that a growing number of individuals today aspire to have a good income while being their own boss, and even to help serve the society as a whole. Our unique “Karein Shuru?” campaign would help these people achieve exactly this aspiration. As a distributor of mutual funds, they can help their clients build long-term wealth and, in turn, be rewarded with rewarding careers. »

Samarth Shrivastava, Senior Vice President and Executive Business Director, WT Mumbai, commented, “The campaign is designed to spark consideration of an active career option when people are making decisions about choosing a career path. . We dug deeper in our study phase to understand the weaknesses and strengths of this profession and really nuanced our storytelling to the ground realities attached to this profession which you will see in a series of films targeting different target groups and ethnicities.


Agency : Wunderman Thompson Bombay

Managing Partner: Anurag Tandon

Regional Creative Director: Tista Sen

National Director of Planning: Shaziya Khan

Senior Vice President and EBD: Samarth Shrivastava

Senior Vice President and Global ECD: Hanoz Mogrelia

Vice President: Abhay Godbole

Senior Account Manager: neha singh

Senior Creative Director: Kashyap Joshi

Film producer : Asmit Chachad

Creative Director: More

Creative Supervisor: Sujay Joshi

Main account manager: Digha swastika

Dolores W. Simon