New Safari features in iOS 13

Yesterday, iOS 13 was released, which added to the devices running this operating system many new features, add-ons designed to improve the user experience, as well as countless useful, but subtle changes that are not easy to notice right away. For example, the Safari browser has been seriously updated, one step closer to the desktop in functionality. But the new download folder and improved site support are far from everything that the developers have pleased. The new version of the application introduced new settings and options panels, fonts for reading mode, and much more.

New Safari features in iOS 13

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Safari Settings Panel

Home page of the popular website

The new Safari settings panel is accessed using the new button located on the left of the address bar and looks like the aA icon. From this menu, you can adjust the page scale by increasing the text, while up to a 200 percent increase, the page will fit the width of the screen.

This is how webpage enlargement looks in Safari

When you go to another page, the settings of the previous one are saved, so if the font seemed too small and had to be increased, it will remain that way the next time you visit it.

The option "Hide toolbar" does just that: it hides the toolbar, leaving only a thin strip with the name of the site at the top. To return the toolbar back, click on this bar.

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New Safari menu with display settings

Desktop Website Request

This option allows you to open the desktop version of the site for viewing or return back to the mobile. You can also customize the display for each site using the site settings option. The option will be very useful for iPad users – it’s still not very convenient to scroll through the desktop version of any site on a smartphone.

Turn off content blocking rules

This option allows you to turn off or turn on the ad blocker on this or that page with one tap. As in the case with other settings, the changes for each page are saved, you will not have to repeat the same actions each time.

New Safari features in iOS 13

Website Settings

Using this submenu, you can configure settings for each site: enable or disable access to the location, activate or block the camera and microphone. Depending on the general privacy settings, these options will be either active or blocked.

There is also an option to enable the "read" mode on certain web pages, which helps a lot when viewing curves and ugly websites, automatically bringing their pages to a divine form. Of course, it is best to avoid visiting such places, preferring high-quality sites with good content.

The developers of the application really tried, making a useful add-in with the settings necessary for each browser user. But the most important advantage of the updated browser is that to activate all this you do not need to rush into the settings and climb the tabs for a long time: everything is at hand.

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Add-ons are already available to everyone who upgraded to iOS 13. We are pleased to read your enthusiastic comments in our telegram chat. Welcome!