Nokia 105 Hangs On The Screen Saver

Nokia 105 Hangs On The Screen Saver

“We are not perfect. Phones are not perfect "

Yes, you cannot argue with these words of the great Steve Jobs. There is nothing perfect in this world, especially for people and, of course, phones.

Having a modern, stylish, finished design, high-quality case materials, powerful hardware and the latest operating system, the phone can be considered perfect. However, sometimes there are times when something goes wrong …

This story happened with the first Nokia phone on the Android operating system. So, Nokia X …

I worked for myself, worked, and suddenly – after a reboot, the Nokia screensaver appeared on the display and that was all. The smartphone did not load further and did not react to any buttons anymore.

This happens quite often on smartphones and tablets running Android. Usually, in such cases, the problem can be solved with the help of firmware or, if the phone manufacturer has provided, a complete reset (hard reset – English) of all settings and clearing user data to the factory settings.

You can perform this procedure on your Nokia X phone by:

1. Turn off the phone (press and hold the power button until the phone is completely turned off)

2. Hold down the volume up button (Vol +) and simultaneously press the power button.

3. After the Nokia logo appears on the smartphone screen, release the power button. At the same time, continue to hold the volume up button until the smartphone enters Recovery mode:

4. Use the volume buttons to select a menu item "wipe data / factory reset" and confirm the action with the power button. On the request for confirmation of this intention, in the same way select the “yes” item and confirm with the power button.

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5. Similarly, select the “wipe cache partition” menu item and confirm the action with the power button.

6. After the operations are done, the cursor will be set to the first item “reboot system now” (“reboot the system now”). Confirm the action with the power button. the phone will automatically restart.

When you first turn on, you need to wait some time to start the OS.

All. It remains to make the necessary settings

And also enter the previously created Google account (if there was one) and the phone synchronizes all previously saved data that is provided in this case.

Do not forget from time to time to save all your data, so as not to lose them with such surprises of our "imperfect" smartphones.