Program For Synchronizing Your Phone With A Computer For What It Is Needed Best Applications For

Program For Synchronizing Your Phone With A Computer For What It Is Needed Best Applications For

Despite the fact that modern mobile phones (smartphones) can themselves be called handheld computers to a fairly high degree, to manage them or to perform some important actions that are not available on the devices themselves, all kinds of programs are often used to synchronize the phone with a computer ( stationary terminal or laptop). Why they are needed and which applications are best in class will be shown later.

Quite conditionally, all applications can be divided into two main types: universal utilities and applications created by manufacturers of mobile devices exclusively for their devices. In addition, control applets and entertainment software, including emulators of mobile systems in a stationary environment, can be combined into separate categories.

Why do I need a program to synchronize the phone with a computer

To begin with, most applications of this type allow you to use all the functions embedded in the smartphone directly on the PC. Also, one of the most popular tools among users is exporting contacts and creating backup copies for recovery if something happens to the phone.

Key Activities

As for the main tools that are present in most of these utilities, the following are mainly distinguished among them:

  • synchronization and export / import of contacts;
  • creation of backup copies;
  • call and message management;
  • the presence of an organizer (calendar, alarm clock, etc.);
  • tools for organizing files and folders;
  • device status monitoring;
  • smartphone protection and the ability to search for it with GPS in case of loss, etc.
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Please note that this is only a general and far from complete list of tools. Some specialized utilities designed to use smartphone models of a particular manufacturer have many additional features. Today, for almost every well-known brand, you can find such management software. In addition, in their work, such utilities can use several types of connections (USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). Data from the phone can be saved both on the computer’s hard drive and on removable media, and even move them to cloud storage, different from those offered by the operating systems themselves, which run mobile devices.

The best universal software for synchronizing your phone with a computer

Let us leave aside applications for specific models, and pay attention to universal utilities that can be used to synchronize with smartphones of any manufacturers.

If you look at all sorts of ratings of such software, among the variety you can separately distinguish utilities such as:

  • Zune (you can also use the built-in desktop OS tools).

In principle, any program for synchronizing a phone with a computer, presented in the list, has a standard set of tools for managing mobile devices, and the difference between them can be very insignificant (although there are several more options for Windows devices, since you can also control the phone from a computer, and a computer from the phone).

Specialized Utilities

Now a few words about the utilities that are issued directly by the developers of mobile devices.

For example, to synchronize a Samsung phone with a computer, the Kies program is best suited (it’s just what they say is tailored specifically for the model of this brand). Also quite interesting is the utility Samsung PC Studio.

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For managing Nokia smartphones, Nokia PC Suite can be offered as the most advanced tool.

To synchronize a Lenovo phone with a computer, the Russian program Lenovo Idea Tool is the best option (although it is not very widespread). Equally, utilities like Lenovo PC Suite can also be used.

For Sony smartphones, one of the best utilities can be called Xperia Companion.

Any such program for synchronizing a phone with a computer takes into account the features of each smartphone model and offers completely different possibilities. Separately, it is worth saying that the set may contain not only control modules, but even tools for installing new firmware or restoring factory ones.

Which is better to use

As for the question of preferences, there is only one thing to advise: if you have software designed for a smartphone of a specific manufacturer, it is better to use it. You understand that there will be more possibilities in the utilities themselves, and there will be no failures when connecting or performing any actions. In the case of universal utilities, MyPhoneExplorer can be recommended as the simplest, but quite powerful program, since the application works with almost all types of known mobile devices (with the exception of "apple" devices).