Protective Glass On The Phone How To Glue Correctly Step-By-Step Instructions

Protective Glass On The Phone How To Glue Correctly Step-By-Step Instructions

A smartphone is an expensive thing. Even acquiring a budget class device from 5 to 15 thousand rubles, we want it to serve for a long time and faithfully. The fidelity of the gadget, in turn, depends on two parameters: internal and external. And if we can’t influence the first one (represented by the hardware), then we can just overcome the external factors. We can protect our smartphone if not from drowning, then from mechanical stress for sure. And the glass on the phone will help us with this. How to glue it? We’ll talk about this today.

What is protective glass for?

It is difficult to disagree with the fact that the continued use of any smartphone does not imply the appearance of chips, cracks, scratches, scuffs. This fate is characteristic not only for the side faces, the upper and lower ends and the back panel, but also for the front part. And there is perhaps the most important element – the screen of the smartphone. Safety glasses were invented precisely in order to protect the display device. You can use the film, but it has a lower coefficient of protection. In any case, it is important to know how to glue the protective glasses to the phone.

What is it

The appearance of the protective glass is similar to the exterior of the film. Indeed, the tasks of these two elements are similar to each other. However, protective glass is considered to be a more reliable component, as it has a higher density compared to the film. In addition, it is transparent and flexible, and this also has a certain importance. Of course, it will cost more than the film. However, it is worth it, especially in cases where there is either a high probability of mechanical impact, or when the gadget is really expensive. For everyone, this bar is different, but most users prefer to buy glass if their devices cost more than 10-15 thousand rubles. When buying a protective glass, the user reduces the likelihood of damage to the main screen to almost zero, since the above component will take on all the impact. Before I talk about how to glue tempered glass on the phone, I would like to focus on the advantages of the element.

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Functions and useful features

You can not say much about the functions of the protective glass. From its name it is already clear why it was developed and what it is intended for. It is a matter of features that can be talked about for hours. Their list, for example, includes scratch resistance and other similar damage. Someone may doubt this parameter, but usually all doubts disappear after an indicative test. You can use ordinary keys for this. Swipe the sharp edges on the glass and you will see that it really is not covered by traces.

The second useful feature of safety glass is shock absorption. We have already mentioned this briefly above. A large number of smartphones when falling down the surface of the screen receive physical damage until the display is completely broken. With a protective glass, this problem will be solved, because instead of the screen it will break. By the way, the word “broken” here should also be understood a little different from its usual meaning. Shards from the telephone protective glass do not fly apart. Finally, we can note the fact that the glass holds very, very reliably. Especially if we compare it with a simplified element – a film. Users who so often ask questions about how to properly glue glass onto the phone can be delighted to learn that they do not need to have any special experience for this operation.

We consider a complete set

A very large number of requests are related specifically to how to glue the film (glass) on the iPhone 6 phone. However, it should be understood that the process, in general, is similar for other devices. But why then dwell on specific models if it is possible to describe the operation universally? First of all, let’s see what is in the package with a protective glass? Different manufacturers offer different equipment, but usually there is glass itself, an alcohol napkin and a rag made of special material. If there are no rags or napkins, then you can use improvised analogs, this is unprincipled.

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Glass on the phone: how to glue? Prepare the surface

If you previously installed film or glass, these components will need to be removed. To do this, remove the cover, if it is, then we catch the element over the edge. To prevent the appearance of greasy stains on the glass, you should wash your hands well in advance and dry them. By the way, the preparation of the workplace remains an important stage. Need a flat horizontal surface and powerful lighting. It can be, for example, a table. Lighting will help avoid undetected stains and dusty areas. So what does it take to integrate glass on the phone? How to glue it? The correct operation will become only if the “bare” screen is processed in advance.

Why do I need cleaning

To clean the screen freed from film or glass, use a damp disc or an alcohol towel soaked in alcohol. Wipe the screen carefully so that there is no dirt on it. After that, wipe it with a special cloth, if it is included in the kit. If it is not, then you need to find an analogue. Now it’s time to put the glass on the phone. How to glue? Find out more.

Protective Glass On The Phone How To Glue Correctly Step-By-Step Instructions

The most important stage

There is a special film on the adhesive side of the glass. It needs to be removed. After that, we apply the glass itself to the screen. Care should be taken to ensure that it is aligned at the edges of the device, compatible with the speaker and controls. By the way, you need to remember that you can hold the protective glass only by the edges. Only in this case there will be no traces after the operation. When the fit is complete, simply lower the component onto the screen. The glass will stick on itself. Ok, now we know how to glue glass on the phone.

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Are there any cons

Yes, like other elements, safety glass has some disadvantages. Some users who are interested in how to glue protective glass on the phone may think that the main disadvantage. this is the indicative complexity of the integration process. Like, if you stick it wrong the first time, then you won’t do anything. Actually, this is not about that now. The main disadvantage of this component is the fact that the device on which you will glue it will become more voluminous and heavy. However, if this does not bother you, and you are not very sensitive to the overall dimensions of the phone, but want to protect it, then you can contact the mobile phone shops. There they will offer not only the best products, but for the extra money they will be able to qualitatively stick glass.

Pitfalls and Tricks

Most users are afraid of air bubbles. More truly that they will remain. Few can boast that they glue the protective glass neatly the first time, and there are no bubbles. However, they can be easily dealt with with a dry cloth. The procedure is simple to the point of horror: we simply squeeze the bubbles from the center to the periphery. The ability to glue safety glasses will save money that they take for this procedure in mobile phone stores.

Now protective glasses. These are quite important and common accessories. Therefore, a large number of companies are engaged in their production. Budget options are presented mainly by Chinese firms, which could be expected. However, they are not so bad. Glasses of different brands differ among themselves only in the degree of tempering. However, one should not think that glass from a Chinese company will not provide the necessary degree of security. Now, after we learned how to glue tempered glass on the phone, we can move on from words to deeds.