Return To Factory Firmware And Recovery – Nokia Slain Smartphones (Part 2)

Return To Factory Firmware And Recovery - Nokia Slain Smartphones (Part 2)

Hello again! 🙂 Looking at the comments on the article Return to the factory firmware and restore "slain" Nokia’s Android smartphones are increasingly starting to notice problematic issues with using Nokia Care Suite. It immediately occurred to me to write an article about an alternative method of flashing Android smartphones, which everyone has been aware of for a very long time. using the utility FastBoot. The method is quite simple for people who know how to work with the console, but as practice shows, very few people know about the existence of the console :). But just recently I found a small program called Nokia X Flasher, which, in fact, is a shell for the already familiar FastBoot utility, after which it is finally ripe for writing this article, since even a child can handle this program 🙂 However, I’ll immediately note this method is better, however, only when the method with Nokia Care Suite does not work.

We’ll insert some text from the last article, for inventing a new laziness:

"This article will also be useful to those who have played enough with custom and decided to return to their native firmware. In addition, it will be necessary to do this in order to return the phone for repair under warranty. This method is suitable for any representative of the Nokia X line (Nokia X, Nokia X +, Nokia XL, etc.)

As usual, you should understand that you do all the manipulations at your own peril and risk, that neither I, as the author, nor our club ( or bear any responsibility for possible harm caused to the device, etc. .d. Remember this! If you are willing to take a chance, continue to read the article, no. We go further to walk on our site.

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As usual, the phone needs to be charged, even if it doesn’t turn on, but be sure to put it on charge for at least 30 minutes. Next, we need to get the original firmware for the smartphone. In this article I will do everything with Nokia X, but for other models only the product code will be different, all actions are similar to Nokia X."

We proceed directly to updating / restoring the smartphone. To do this, we need 2 programs:
1. NaviFirm, which will help us download firmware files from NOKIA servers.
2. Nokia X Flasher, which, in fact, we will restore / update / flash your device.

So, let’s get to work, download the firmware files using the NaviFirm program, I already wrote how to do this in a previous article, so I won’t repeat it. The only difference is that we will not need all the files, but only the ones that we want to flash, which means we have enough of these:
RMxxxxx_preload.img. needed if pre-installed NOKIA programs are needed

For Nokia X Flasher to work with your phone, you must have drivers installed, if they have not yet been installed, use our Nokia X / XL Tools utility, and the .NET system 4.0 appears in the system requirements for the program (available from Windows 7) .

Turn off our phone (from whom it turned on, from whom it did not turn on. We juggle the battery), then press and hold the keys decrease release the volume button and the power button, release the power button after vibration, and after 10-15 seconds release the volume key (NOKIA will light on the display). Next, launch Nokia X Flasher, connect our smartphone to a PC and press the button "Detect device".

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If the bootloader is not killed on the phone, the drivers are installed and you did everything correctly, the program will find the device, it will look like this:

Return To Factory Firmware And Recovery - Nokia Slain Smartphones (Part 2)

Next, we need to select files (from those that we downloaded using NaviFirm) for each loaded area, it is very simple to do this: for the system area, we need a file containing system.img in the name. We select the files for the items System, Boot, Recovery and, if necessary, Preload.

After everything is ready, click "Start Flashing!" The program will start loading the selected areas in stages. By informing you of this in the Log window. Remember that at boot time you should not disconnect the cable, turn off the PC, etc. In general, to ensure an environment in which the program will be carefree 🙂 Nokia X Flasher can work up to 5 minutes. Certificate of completion will be an inscription in the log "Flasing preload done", instead of preload, there may be something else, the main thing is that it "something" matches the name of the last area selected for download.

The phone is flashed, you can press the button "Reboot" or distort the battery and wait for the device to load, BUT my sample after such firmware did not turn on, the download process hung at the stage of Nokia blinking inscription. If you also "lucky", like me (the NOKIA inscription hangs for more than 7-8 minutes), do not despair, distort the battery and go to the recovery menu. Traditionally, you need to hold the volume up key and the power key, it can take about 10 seconds. We select the wipe data / factory reset item (navigation is carried out with the volume keys and the power button), then we agree that all user data will be deleted. After the phone issues "Data wipe complete", you must select "reboot system now". The phone will reboot, and if all the stars converge, after 3-5 minutes you will see the familiar first-time interface.

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That’s all, according to tradition, I’m waiting for your comments, suggestions and comments below the article!

Agent Return to factory firmware and restore "slain" Nokia Android Smartphones (Part 2)