Review Of Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro Wireless Headphones Another Approach

Review Of Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro Wireless Headphones Another Approach

These are completely wireless headphones that continued the line of this format of devices from a popular Chinese manufacturer. The first model was Xiaomi Mi AirDots and there were questions to them, now the turn of the second generation has come. It is curious that on the Internet the new model is called differently: Mi Air True Wireless Earphones, Air Xiaomi Mi True Wireless, etc. The correct and official name is Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro. First of all, they were distinguished by the fact that they received the function of active noise reduction.

What is striking in terms of design – the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro headphone case is cubic and massive. It is elegant and well-assembled, but overall. The inserts themselves are also not small in size and belong to the intra-channel type. If the first generation borrowed features from the Samsung Galaxy IconX, then the second inherits the principle of Apple AIrPods.

No matter how you want to avoid comparison with apple wireless headphones, but their leadership in the market forces comparison. On all sides, the Mi AirDots Pro case is almost twice as large as that of AirPods. The same goes for headphones. As a result, they are not so good in ergonomics. Well and in view of the large sizes it is inconvenient to carry the AirDots Pro case in the pockets of your pants or jacket – it noticeably protrudes the clothes.

The case is made of soft-touch plastic. Although the form is quite ordinary and in the hand lies confidently, it does not give an aesthetic effect like from Zippo lighters. In this regard, the model from Apple turned out to be more convenient.

Apparently, in these devices it is impossible to avoid the recesses and recesses into which dirt is accumulated. At least a couple of days later, the tabs under the lid and for the fingers had to be cleaned. And this is another reason to carry the case in the pockets of bags, rather than clothes.

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When the headphones are in the case, identify where the left and where the right is easy. Additionally, there is a barely noticeable marking on the inside of the case. The headphones themselves are not afraid of the minimum amount of moisture and dust thanks to the IPX4 standard. It is not convenient for everyone to get them out of boxing. It is not always possible to catch fingers on the body and the earbuds slip out. Of the pleasant moments – a modern USB Type-C port is used for charging.

On the outside, in chromed circles, sensory zones are integrated. On the left earbud, double-tapping activates the voice assistant. On the right – pauses music playback and accepts / rejects calls. You can not change the headphones roles. The volume is adjustable only from a smartphone.

On the inside there are proximity sensors that automatically pause playback if one of the headphones is pulled out. You can use the headphones one at a time, but listening to music is only possible with the right one. Apparently this is because only they stop playback and receive calls. For the same reason, only the right earphone can act as a wireless headset in a car. And in view of the good sound insulation, it is safer to drive behind the wheel with only one liner.

A long touch on any of the headphones activates and accordingly deactivates noise reduction. It is impossible to say that the environment is radically soundless. Particularly loud sounds, the rumble of the subway and motors still break through the counter noise.

In general, based on the results of using touch control, we can say that it is implemented well and intuitively, there are no lags and the commands are clearly recognized. Connecting to a smartphone is quick, regardless of whether one earphone or both were removed. We opened the lid, pulled it out one by one, put it in our ears, heard something in Chinese in the speakers – they work. We talk about this separately, since Mi Sport sports headphones sometimes fail when turned on and do not immediately connect to a smartphone.

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However, probably not everyone will be comfortable using it, since the sensory area is exactly opposite the auricle. If you slam your finger too much, it will be unpleasant, not to mention the fact that the touch sound will be transmitted tactilely to your ears.

Included are interchangeable silicone ear pads in three sizes. It would seem that this should favorably affect the universality and reliability of fixation in the ear. And yes, the headphones sit well in your ears and allow you to walk quickly and even run. However, in practice, wireless earbuds turned out to be "persistent" only in cases where there is no headgear, as well as in rooms and the car. Because a careless touch often causes a loss from the ear. However, this is true for other models of wireless earbuds.

Review Of Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro Wireless Headphones Another Approach

The principle of operation is classic for fully wireless headphones. Two inserts have their own battery and Bluetooth modules. A similar set of equipment is installed in the case. The battery of each headphone lasts about 3 hours. And the case will add them another 7 hours. That is, each liner will be charged twice.

Charging starts automatically when installed in the case, for this it has contacts at the bottom. You can recognize the charge only after pressing the button on the side. If the LED blinks frequently, the charge is less than 15%; if it blinks less often, more than 15%. Not informative. At the same time, the smartphone cannot see the status of their battery in the notification panel. We tried it both on the Mi smartphone native to the headphones, and on the Samsung Galaxy.

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To connect with a smartphone, you need to open the case with the inserted headphones and hold the same button on the side. Mi AirDots Pro will immediately appear in the Bluetooth menu. Then the inclusion and connection will occur automatically when each of the headphones is taken out of the case.

In terms of sound, the headphones were not too pleased. If the quality is acceptable at low and medium volumes, then at near-maximum dynamics they begin to wheeze. The minimum possible sound volume is also not. It seems that Mi AirDots Pro is more designed to be used as a headset. Playing music for them is secondary and only for cases when you need to walk ten minutes and do not want to do it to the sounds of the city.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that when watching a video, the sound noticeably lags behind the picture. This effect is especially pronounced in films with an original audio track. When watching a video offline, this can be corrected only by forced acceleration of the audio track, which is available in some players. True, in the YouTube mobile application on Android and iOS, the function of correcting audio delays has been supported for several years. Therefore, these problems are not observed there.

We are forced to state that the second generation of Xiaomi completely wireless headphones did not work out very well. We are used to putting up with the fact that in really high-quality devices companies are only minor flaws that are completely leveled by a low price. But this did not happen with Mi AirDots Pro. Too many points that are central to the headphone are poor. In positive terms, they have build quality and well-tuned wireless connection algorithms. But the sound and lags with the video are serious flaws.