Samsung Galaxy Fold tested for durability and reliability

Only the lazy did not write at one time that there are questions regarding the reliability and reliability of the foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold. After the failure with the test samples, the engineers of the South Korean giant began to correct the shortcomings and declare that they strengthened the hinges of the hinge mechanism and tried to minimize the risk of debris getting inside.

The guys from SquareTrade decided to arrange a Galaxy Fold test for reliability and durability of the opening / closing of the case. For testing, a special robotic mechanism was used.

According to the test results, they were able to fold / open it 120 thousand times without damage to the device and this should be enough for three years of operation of the smartphone. Samsung itself guarantees that the folding mechanism and flexible matrix will withstand 200 thousand openings.

Samsung Galaxy Fold tested for durability and reliability

During the test, the first display defect on the Galaxy Fold appeared after 18,500 disclosures. If we assume that the smartphone is opened at least 100 times daily, it turns out that somewhere in six months the first defects on the screen may appear.

To top it off, experts staged a drop test on the Samsung Galaxy Fold. As a precaution, the smartphone was clothed in a case and then thrown twice from a height of 1.83 meters. It is expected that the device could not do without damage after the fall: the screen and the glass covering the camera were broken.

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