Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Not Turn On Now Turn On!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Not Turn On Now Turn On!

Hello my friend! Today we will consider all the possible reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S8 does not turn on. It’s regrettable to realize that a smartphone apiece bucks, can simply take and not turn on. Most likely, there should be good reason.

And with a phrase, yes the Galaxy S8 just hung, we certainly won’t get off. So let’s conduct a technical inspection of the entire smartphone in order, and try to find a saving solution.

The presence of charge in the battery of the Galaxy S8

Do not exclude any version, and a discharged battery is no exception. Perhaps something affected the battery, and he suddenly lost all his energy. And moreover, the smartphone turned off not after the remaining 5%, but after 40%. Such cases are not uncommon when the temperature outside is negative. As a rule, smartphones suffer from this in the winter, you take a phablet from your jacket, talked for a couple of minutes, and he suddenly went out and does not start anymore.

  • We leave the phone on charge for half an hour.
  • Alternatively, change the charger, if possible.
  • We look into the charging slot for foreign objects that may interfere with the contact.

If none of this works, go to plan B

On a note!

We recommend that you read the recommendations on how to properly charge the Galaxy S8.

What does technical support offer us?

We conducted an experiment, called the Samsung hotline. They told the operator in detail that our Galaxy S8 does not start. We were offered explaining on fingers a couple of ways. Read below:

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The first way, we will use a mandatory reboot. To do this, just hold down the power key for 15-25 seconds.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Not Turn On Now Turn On!

In the second way, we will try to turn it on. To do this, hold down the volume and power down keys at the same time for about 16 seconds. After that, the smartphone is likely to start.

You can also apply an alternative way to enable it, through the recovery mode of the Galaxy S8. Just activating it and rebooting the device.

When nothing helps turn on the Galaxy S8

Our editorial staff regularly surfs the Internet in search of useful materials, and life hacks for Galaxy series smartphones. So we often came across an unusual way to turn on the Galaxy S8, which did not react to anything. Its many owners recommend in this situation, just hold down all the keys of the smartphone.

Of course, you will not find such an extraordinary approach in the user manual. Well, what remains when nothing helps and the Galaxy S8 does not light up. As they say, the goal of invention is cunning.

In the case of complete neglect, all of the above methods. Most likely the problem is in the stuffing of the phone, and if you start to disassemble the phone, you automatically lose its warranty. Yes, and why do this if you do not understand this. We recommend heading to a Samsung service center. Moreover, if you have a Rostov smartphone, warranty service may cost you nothing.