Smart Switch How To Transfer Data From Iphone To Samsung Galaxy S6

Smart Switch How To Transfer Data From Iphone To Samsung Galaxy S6

I must say that the utility can transfer information to a Galaxy smartphone not only from Apple mobile devices, but also from any Android device, and it can also connect Galaxy and PC. It also supports downloading iPhone backups from iCloud. That is, the developers did everything so that users can seamlessly transfer their data to Galaxy from almost anything, very quickly and as simply as possible. In this article, we will consider a method of transferring information that requires connecting two smartphones using an OTG cable, without the need for a computer.

To complete this operation, you will need: two smartphones (in our case, iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6) and an OTG cable.

1. Charge the Galaxy S6 battery to at least 50% – this is the minimum at which we recommend starting the data transfer operation.

2. Install the Smart Switch utility on the Samsung Galaxy S6 by downloading it from the Google Play Market.

3. Make sure you have the required amount of memory on the internal storage of your Galaxy smartphone. The Smart Switch utility does this on its own; the user does not need to look for statistics.

4. At the first start, the utility will offer you to choose the method of transferring information – download a backup copy from iCloud or import directly from an iOS device via a cable. Choose the second option.

5. Take both smartphones and connect them to each other using Lightning ⇔ USB cables (from the side of iPhone 6) and USB ⇔ OTG (from the side of Samsung Galaxy S6). Communication will be established in 10-15 seconds.

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6. Select the sections you need – you can enable or disable (individually) the import of messages, contacts, galleries, videos, call logs, notes, an alarm clock, etc. That is, if you do not need to copy all the data, you just need to transfer it The address book from the old device to the new one, Smart Switcher is suitable for this.

Smart Switch How To Transfer Data From Iphone To Samsung Galaxy S6

There is one limitation: music purchased from iTunes will not be copied.

7. From the start of the process to the complete completion of the import, at most ten minutes pass. Galaxy S6 during this time may lose a noticeable part of the battery charge (not for nothing at the very beginning we warned about the need to charge it to at least 50%), but this happens, for the most part due to the fact that Galaxy recharges the smartphone via OTG cable- donor from his battery.

The data transfer process is fast enough, even if you have a lot of photo and video files in your collection. As you have seen, this procedure, in addition, is as simple as possible.