Strips On A Samsung Tv

Strips On A Samsung Tv

How to remove horizontal stripes on a Samsung TV screen

What to do if streaks appear on the screen on your Samsung plasma or LCD TV? We suggest you consider the most obvious reasons for their occurrence. Depending on the nature of the bands, a defect can be identified without contacting a service center. So, the stripes can be horizontal or vertical, as well as different colors at the same time or plain: black, white, red, green.

Mechanical damage

If your TV fell or suffered a strong blow to the matrix area, there may be at least two reasons for the appearance of stripes on the screen. This is a failure of the display itself, that is, a violation of its integrity. This element cannot be repaired and it is necessary to change the matrix to a new one.

If there is no obvious damage, then you can solve the problem by disassembling the TV and examining the loop fixing. Perhaps in the fall they came out of the grooves and they need to be corrected. In this case, the bands are manifested from the non-contact of the loop of the matrix.


One of the most common reasons for owners to contact the problem that streaks appear on the Samsung TV screen is improper care. By spraying the product in the form of a spray directly onto the display itself, you are promoting the penetration of moisture under the body. Over time, it accumulates and oxidation of the contacts and their further corrosion will contribute to poor contact.

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You must stop using the TV and contact the service for cleaning. Remember that any care product is applied only to a napkin, and only then the screen is cleaned.

It is important to seek professional help in a timely manner as soon as you discover the appearance of streaks. Moreover, against the background of different colors, they are seen more distinctly or merge with it. Using a TV with such a problem can make repair difficult and will result in the need to replace the matrix with a new one. Samsung TV Repair Shop will provide professional assistance.

Vertical stripes on a Samsung TV screen

If you exclude mechanical damage to the matrix and corrosion due to moisture, the vertical stripes on the screen of your Samsung TV can be caused by electrical breakdown of the display.

This defect is accompanied by fading and image distortion. Also, distortions, ripples, flickering of the screen along with the stripes indicate a failure in the connection loops. In this case, vertical stripes can be of different colors or of one: black, red, green.

If the stripes appear periodically, try gently pressing near it on the plastic panel near the screen. The most easily fixed problem is not the loopback pin.

Strips On A Samsung Tv

Horizontal stripes on a Samsung TV

If power surges interfere with the frame scan, then white horizontal stripes will appear on the Samsung TV screen. The equipment needs special care – the accumulating dust inside the TV is an excellent electrical conductor.

Check the serviceability of the antenna, eliminate the possibility of interference with the reception of the television signal.

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Black bars indicate a decoder problem. The defect is eliminated without replacing the matrix only in the early stages. It occurs both in vertical and horizontal position. Over time, without applying measures, black color will fill the whole screen.

Multi-colored stripes, ripples, flickering also suggest nekontakte in the trains of the matrix. It is necessary to disassemble the TV and re-solder.

Proper care and timely contact of the specialists of the service center will allow to avoid such expensive repairs as replacing the matrix. You should take measures to restore yourself only if you have the necessary skills.