Synchronizing Your Phone With A Computer

Synchronizing Your Phone With A Computer

Often, you need to get certain information that is on your computer, regardless of your current location. What is synchronization in an Android phone, and how will it help to solve this problem? Thanks to this function, you can make access to information shared and view it from different devices.

Synchronization is a kind of “bank” of data that you create yourself. Synchronizing android with a PC allows you to bring a certain amount of the data you need into the "cloud" and access them from different devices. In most cases, to open synchronized material on HTC, Samsung, Lenovo and other gadgets on android, you will need an Internet connection.

What is synchronization for?

We figured out the terminology, but why might you need to synchronize your android gadget with a PC? In the beginning, I want to note the most important plus, which is the simultaneous updating of data. Once you change the file you need from the phone, it immediately changed similarly on the PC. You will also be able to synchronize almost anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. Consider the useful properties of synchronizing with a PC:

  • Convenience. You have the opportunity to edit and add information from different phones, tablets, computers, from outlook and have access to it from any device in just a couple of clicks. In addition, there are functions of automatic updating, that is, for example, the captured image on the camera will be instantly uploaded to the cloud;
  • Security. Today, there are a variety of programs, services and accounts that can protect your data and protect them from the wrong hands. You yourself create a personal password and can completely control access to the database;
  • Android contacts sync. This function allows you to make a backup copy of the contact base of the phone and constantly update it, without worrying about the possible loss of important information. A synchronized contact will be instantly available for viewing and further use on all connected devices. It is possible to operate not only with SIM card contacts, but also with social networks.
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Synchronizing android data with a computer is the best way to secure data, because it is simply impossible to lose, because a copy of it is created on the Internet.

How is the synchronization process carried out?

Whichever of the methods below you choose, the android synchronization procedure can be carried out in three ways:

  • Via USB cable – this option is the most reliable and simple;
  • Via Bluetooth – this option is excellent for synchronizing contacts or for transferring a small amount of information. Using Bluetooth is not recommended to move movies or a large amount of music due to the low connection speed. It is important to know that to use this method, you need a Bluetooth adapter on the PC itself;
  • Via WiFi – a great data transfer method if you have a wireless router with a good data transfer rate.

Google sync

Before you enable Google sync on android, you need to register a Gmail email account. Consider the step by step instructions:

  1. Go to the “Settings” section on your smartphone and tap on the “Accounts and sync” category;
  2. To further synchronize android, add a new Google account. You have the opportunity to either log into an existing account, or create a new one if you have not done so before;
  3. Enter account information;

After following these instructions, you will be able to synchronize your mobile phone with your computer using the additional PC application from Google. To configure your computer, do the following:

  1. Log in to your Google account via PC or laptop and select the “Disk” icon in the upper right corner;
  2. Install the proposed application on your computer;
  3. Install the same application on your phone by downloading it on the Play Market.
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Now through this application you can both automatically and manually update the information you need.

Many people are wondering “how to turn off synchronization”? To do this, you also need to go to the account settings menu. Next, you can remove auto-synchronization by unchecking the box. You can also make sure that a certain application will not be automatically synchronized, and the rest will remain in the same mode.


It is impossible to conclude what is the most suitable program for synchronization, because it is purely individual. Just consider a few of the most popular.

Synchronizing Your Phone With A Computer

My phone explorer

This utility for phones is released by the world famous corporation Sony Ericsson and works great on all android devices. To start using, you need to go to the official website of the program and download the computer version. The installation is intuitive, so skip the step-by-step review of this action. Next, consider how to make synchronization through this utility (the gadget must be turned on):

  • Connect your device to the PC via a USB cable;
  • In the settings menu on the phone, enable USB debugging;
  • Launch My Phone Explorer on your computer;
  • Press the “F1” key or go to the “File” and select “Connect” »
  • The program will automatically search for the device and ask for your name (enter whatever you want).

After performing the above steps, the program will independently begin the exchange of information. This utility has gained popularity due to its extensive functionality. With its help, you can quickly copy contacts on the SIM card, data on calls, move data from memory cards. Also, this program shows the battery status on the phone and allows you to work with installed applications.

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This software is specifically designed for devices with a green operating system. You can use both the free version and the paid (with advanced features). You can connect not only with a familiar USB cable, but also over a Wi-Fi network.

  1. Download and install the AirDroid app through the Play Market on your phone;
  2. Connect your gadget to the wi fi network and run the application;
  3. You skip login and through the Internet browser connect to the device via PC. To do this, enter the IP address in the address bar (see it in the installed AirDroid application);
  4. Confirm the connection in the pop-up window.

Further, through the browser you can control the process of exchanging data, making backups. You will also get free access to messages, applications, videos, ringtones, music, etc.