The Iphone Screen Does Not Lock And Does Not Go Out During A Conversation, Causes And Remedies

The Iphone Screen Does Not Lock And Does Not Go Out During A Conversation, Causes And Remedies

The proximity sensor in the smartphone, including the iPhone, performs a function such as off screen during a call. The function is activated at the moment when it is in contact with something opaque. When a person makes or answers a call, that something is the ear. Today we will talk about why the screen does not go blank when talking on the phone and what can be done in this case yourself, without the help of a specialist, including how to check the proximity sensor.

A small piece of scotch tape

Most often, the proximity sensor in a smartphone loses its functionality after replacing the touchscreen. In order to solve this problem, it is enough to glue a small piece of adhesive tape into this place and paint over with a dark marker, black is best. This method has been tried many times and has always been effective.

Instead of adhesive tape, you can use stationery gum. Cut a piece about 5 mm long and place it between the mechanisms of light and distance. This method, as noted by experts and ordinary people, also helps to solve the problem when the iPhone’s display shutdown function doesn’t work as it should when approaching a non-transparent object.

Of course, in order for the distance sensor to be available for repair, the device will have to be disassembled, at least remove the display module. There are plenty of instructions on how to do this for iPhone owners of different models. To get started, read, so as not to break firewood and not spoil a valuable spare part. Screens are very fragile and, if removed improperly, turn into a pile of glass fragments.

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As a rule, the distance sensor after replacing the display does not work if the procedure was performed on people who are not familiar with all the intricacies of opening and repairing the iPhone 5 and other Apple products. Therefore, to replace the display with an iPhone, it is best to contact real professionals in their field, specialists in whom you are 100% sure, preferably in an official service center.

In addition, only there you will receive a guarantee for work and spare parts several months long, unlike private servicemen who limit their warranty to 2-3 weeks.

Transparent protective film or glass

In addition to replacing the touchscreen, a situation where the iPhone proximity sensor does not work can be caused by a protective film or glass. More precisely, then its dark shade. Due to the shading, the distance sensor, although fully functional, will not work. The solution to this problem is to remove the protective film or glass and replace it with another, transparent, which is quite logical.

A huge number of such accessories are now available on the market, so there should not be any problems with choosing the right one. The main thing to remember is to take only a transparent protective glass!

It should be noted that if you put a protective film or glass on a dark shade on an iPhone for a long time and before that there were no such problems, then most likely the sensor on the phone failed for another reason. In this case, it is strongly recommended to contact the master.

Phone Recovery

If it is not a matter of replacing the touchscreen and dark protective film or glass, then the sensor may not work due to malfunctions in the operating system. Therefore, before you go to the official service center in order to fix the iPhone 5 or any other gadget from Apple, we try to reboot. It is very simple to do this – look at the picture and press the marked buttons.

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In order to reset all errors in the software, you must format the phone. You can do this using iTunes. How exactly is the procedure performed, read and see here in this article.

Repair a loop

The situation when the screen does not go out, in addition to everything that was mentioned above, can be caused by the breakdown of a penny spare part called a “loop”. Repairing this is not difficult, but skill and experience are needed. This process can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Disassemble the iPhone, remove or disconnect the battery.
  2. Pull out the speaker and the connector that secures the headset.
  3. Lay out the key called "Home" in parts, sequentially unscrewing the screws.
  4. If there are signs of corrosion on the parts that come into contact with the cable, then carefully clean this place. To do this, a cotton swab dipped in an alcohol solution is suitable.
  5. Set the parts back.
  6. Turn on the iPhone and check the proximity sensor – it works or not.

Remember that the train is very fragile and is damaged literally in one inaccurate movement. Therefore, if you decide to fix it yourself, then do it carefully, without using sharp and cutting objects.

The Iphone Screen Does Not Lock And Does Not Go Out During A Conversation, Causes And Remedies

We remove pollution

The cause of the problem we are considering may be the notorious dust, which penetrates the device in case of leakage. In order to wipe the phone from the inside, you will need to disassemble the case, and gently, without pressing, wipe the circuit and the case from visible particles of litter.

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Module shutdown

If you are on the contrary, wondering: “How to disable the proximity sensor on an iPhone”, then you can use one of the following methods:

  1. Download the Smart Screen Off app. The program allows you to calibrate, adjust the moments of turning on and off.
  2. Dial the combination “* # * # 0588 # * # *” – a software shutdown method, wired by engineers in the bowels of the iOs operating system.
  3. Disassembling a smartphone and removing a proximity sensor is perhaps the most radical way.


Now you know what to do if the screen does not turn off when talking iPhone 5S. The warranty for iPhone, regardless of model, is not 1, as many people think, but 2 years. Therefore, if this time has not expired, it is best not to engage in amateur activity, but to seek help from an official service center. They will fix the problem quickly and free of charge. If the module does not fail as a result of drowning or falling of the device

And finally. You should not buy iPhone with it, as in this case, the cell phone may be a Chinese product assembled from used parts, even if there is documentation confirming the quality. Be careful and careful how to verify the authenticity of the iphone, read in the next article. That’s all, until we meet again on the site!