The photographer is not allowed to fly away from Vietnam because of the MacBook Pro9

If you fly an airplane more than once every five-year period, then you probably have an idea of ​​what you can bring into the cabin and what you cannot. For most carriers, these plus or minus rules are similar and do not change overnight, and therefore you don’t have to worry that you will be allowed into the cabin on the way abroad without problems, but on the way back. unexpectedly removed from the flight. Photographer Julian Elliott thought the same way when he flew to Vietnam with his 2015 MacBook Pro, which was the reason he was deployed right at the airport when he returned home.

The photographer is not allowed to fly away from Vietnam because of the MacBook Pro9

Why MacBook Pro can’t be carried on an airplane

According to Elliott, he was stuck in Vietnam because Vietnam Airlines forbade him to bring his MacBook Pro with him. The airport security service referred to the fact that the laptop battery could explode and is dangerous for passengers. And since devices of this kind, as a general rule, are allowed to be transported only in the cabin, Elliott was not allowed to hand over the laptop to their luggage, offering to leave it with friends.

Is it possible to carry a laptop on an airplane

The most interesting thing in this story is that Elliott flew to Vietnam with the same MacBook Pro without any problems. He was allowed to board without any questions and even allowed to take a laptop with him. Only on the way back, Elliott recalls, he was warned that using a laptop on the plane is forbidden for security reasons. However, the matter was not limited to one warning, because a few minutes after landing, Elliott was simply taken off the flight.

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Elliott is most indignant even not because of the actual flight ban, but because of the lack of clearly defined Vietnam Airlines rules regarding the transportation of the 2015 MacBook Pro model year. According to him, neither on the website, nor in the airline’s instructions, there were references to restrictions on the transportation of a laptop, and therefore he did not have the opportunity to somehow prepare for the flight. Now the only way to fly home with a laptop is to replace a defective battery. In any case, Elliott somehow did not succeed in leaving the foreign land with the help of another airline.

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

Expressing his willingness to replace the battery, Elliott ran into another problem. As it turned out, in Vietnam there are no battery packs intended for replacement, and therefore he will have to wait for delivery from Singapore, which should take about two weeks, plus the time for the replacement operation. All this time, the photographer will be forced to live in an unfamiliar country at his own expense, simply because someone in time did not bother to prescribe all the rules regarding the transport of laptops.

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True, it is not very clear how the airport security service will understand that Elliott really replaced the battery. In any case, if you score the serial number of the defective laptop on the Apple website, it will give a warning about the danger and recommend contacting for a replacement battery. However, most likely, this technique does not work in the opposite direction, since Cupertino was unlikely to be bothered by creating a public database of all laptops that underwent the replacement procedure.