The Sound Is Interrupted In Bluetooth Headphones

The Sound Is Interrupted In Bluetooth Headphones

Life without wires is beautiful. Manufacturers produce models without headphone jacks, thereby pushing consumers to change their old “wired” ears to modern Bluetooth headsets. But unfortunately, not everything is so cloudless – here two problems await: if compared with a similar wired model, the sound in them is rather average, during playback short-term sound delays are possible. Really large manufacturers can not make decent models? What are these problems related to and how to deal with them will be described in the article.

Causes of problems and solutions

Poor sound quality.It is influenced by several factors. First of all, the design of the headphones. You can’t expect studio sound from the “drops” for 300 rubles.

The next factor is the Bluetooth version. The fresher the version, the newer the technologies in it. For example, the headset provides sound level CD, AptX HD codec. But in order to enjoy it they will have to select the appropriate smartphone.

And of course, the music you listen to is affected. The higher the transfer speed of the MP3 file and the less the file is compressed, the better. In general, if you want a good sound – do not save.

But if you can get used to the average sound over time, then the interruption of the composition is very unnerving. After several pauses, I want to get old, time-tested wire ears.

Why interruptions occur

As practice has shown, it will not be possible to identify the exact causes of interruptions – everything is determined empirically. The characteristics of the Bluetooth protocol itself allow devices to communicate within a radius of 10 meters (modern versions are slightly larger) in the line of sight. The range is affected by any obstacles, interference. This affects the quality of sound transmission. Here are some examples.

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It is not recommended to use the device:

The Sound Is Interrupted In Bluetooth Headphones
  • Near the Wi-Fi point, computer, microwave oven, refrigerator. All of these devices may interfere with the transmission of sound waves. It is also recommended to disconnect all extraneous Bluetooth devices. They affect the quality of the received signal.
  • Listen to music on the device, which lies in the pocket of a shirt, trousers or bag. In this case, your body interferes with the signal, which is an obstacle. It is recommended that you keep the device as close to the headphones as possible.
  • Separate the sound source (smartphone) and headphones with a wall or a closed door. As the distance between them increases, quality deteriorates, pauses appear.
  • Placed in a cover made of a dense material containing metal parts, accessories. This can also interrupt the reception, cause interruptions. Do not use such dense covers.
  • Use the broadcast received from the Internet. In this case, the sound transmitted to the headphones depends on the quality of the Internet connection. The quality may still decrease with increasing sound. It is recommended that you first download music, then listen. Set the optimal sound for yourself.
  • Play large files, high quality files. The transfer of such compositions may affect the connection, and therefore the quality of their reproduction. It is recommended to change the sound quality, choose, for example, not 320kbps, but not more than 128kbps.
  • Work simultaneously with multiple devices that use Bluetooth. They interfere with each other, increase the load. Disconnect unused devices.

In addition to these methods, the solution to the problem of sound interruption can be solved by rebooting the device or connection. Before doing this, make sure that the battery level is sufficient.

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IMPORTANT: Detailed instructions are given in the device passport or in the instruction manual.