Transfer Contacts To Google Android

Transfer Contacts To Google Android



This one works "a toy" under OS Google android, and therefore, in a series of articles devoted to Android, I will tell you the main points of working with this system that I had to learn, as well as introduce you to some programs and games that may be useful or interesting for you too.

Transfer contacts (phone numbers)

The first thing I had to deal with was transferring contacts (>100) from the old device to the new one. Manually doing this is very troublesome and time consuming. Moreover, the computer, as has long been known, just allows you to solve such problems that were not known before the invention of the computer 🙂 Given that Google android it is a whole operating system, means to automate the process of transferring contacts should have been found. In my case, a program that was very useful in its capabilities came to the rescue – MOBILedit.

To transfer contacts I needed "relatives" drivers from Samsung, which are supplied as part of the Kies program, and distributions of the MOBILedit program (download mobiledit possible by following the link) with a set "drugs for greed". And then the order is as follows:

Install Kies, then MOBILedit. We treat MOBILedit "from greed" and run it. We connect the donor device (in my case, as I said, it was the Sony Ericsson W810i) using the data cable that came with it to the computer. Open "Connection Wizard" in the main window of the MOBILedit program and follow its instructions.

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After MOBILedit has established a connection with the phone, select your device in the connected devices and go to his phone book.

We mark the numbers that we need to transfer and press the button "Export". In the file type selection window, specify the format of the MOBILedit program (* .med) and save the file with the selected contacts to the computer hard drive.

Then we turn off the first phone from the computer and connect the phone with Google android. Using all the same "Connection Wizard", connect the second phone to the program. MOBILedit offers installation android apps with which the program will be able to exchange data with the OS Google android – MOBILedit! Connector In my case, I had to turn on USB debugging mode on the phone.

Transfer Contacts To Google Android

How to enable USB debugging mode

In order to enable USB debugging mode, go to Settings.> Applications> Development. Opposite the USB debugging item, check the box.

After connecting the device to MOBILedit, open his phone book. If you have not entered the numbers on the phone, it will be empty. Otherwise, you will see numbers that you already managed to enter there. One way or another, select the item "Import" and specify the path to the file that was created before. After we imported the numbers, we save the changes to the phone book of the communicator by pressing the button "Save" on the program panel. After the numbers are saved, disconnect the communicator from the computer and check the result.

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The second way to transfer contacts

There is another option how to transfer phone numbers from an old telephone to a communicator based on Google android. He almost "manual", since for its implementation it is necessary to transfer each contact via Bluetooth. The speed is about the same as if you stuffed numbers with your hands. For this reason, it can only be a backup method (if you cannot apply the first method).