Transfer Contacts To Xiaomi From Different Devices

Transfer Contacts To Xiaomi From Different Devices

Mobile device users are sometimes interested in how to transfer contacts from Xiaomi to Xiaomi. The phones of this Chinese manufacturer are rapidly gaining popularity, and the problem of data transfer is becoming more common. Owners of smartphones often encounter a problem when it takes a long time to restore all the applications and other data that were contained on the previous smartphone. To transfer information to Xiaomi from another phone, the "Transfer" function is used.

How to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi

The data transfer function in Xiaomi Redmi 4X and other smartphones is available in the MIUI 7 interface version and works only if installed on both devices. To transfer data from Xiaomi Mi5, Xiaomi Redmi 4A or any other phone of this brand, you need a wireless Bluetooth connection. You must complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu, select “Advanced” and “Transfer”.
  2. Select the option “I am a sender” or “I am a recipient”.
  3. After selecting an option, select the categories of data that you want to copy (settings, programs, contacts, memory card).
  4. Select the mobile device to which you want to send information.
  5. After the connection is established, data transfer to Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 or another device will start automatically.

How to transfer contacts from a SIM card in Xiaomi

To import contacts from a SIM to Xiaomi you need to go to the settings and select the “System Offers” item. In the list that opens, find and select the "Contacts" section. In the "Advanced" section, open "SIM card contacts 1" or "SIM card contacts 2" to see a list of ported numbers.

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Here you need to select the data that will be transferred to the smartphone, or use the "Select All" button and click "Import". As a result, the message “Import from SIM is complete” should appear.

IPhone Transfer

You can transfer contacts from iPhone to an Android device via Gmail. You must first configure Gmail on your iOS smartphone and enable contact synchronization in your email settings. Then you need to disable synchronization in iCloud without deleting the list of numbers on the device. In a standard account, you need to make Gmail the default account. After that, the files from the iPhone will be synchronized with the Google email service. If the mailbox already contained phone book entries, then the numbers can be duplicated.

Transfer from Samsung

If the user is interested in how to transfer SMS from Samsung, then the Samsung Smart Switch application is used for this. The function allows you to move contacts, music, photos, calendars, messages, settings and other data types. You can share files with devices based on Android or iOS. If information is transferred from the iPhone via a USB cable, it will be copied, including music paid for in iTunes. The application is compatible with Galaxy smartphones starting with the S2 model.

Porting from Meizu

To transfer data from the Meizu device to another phone, you need to open the "Contacts" application, click on the button with 3 dots in the upper right corner, select "Settings", "Manage contacts" and "Export contacts". All the necessary numbers should be selected, then select the path and save the contacts as a file with the .vcf extension.

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In the future, this file can be transferred to another smartphone with the Android operating system via the Bluetooth protocol. Alternatively, you can copy the data to a PC and then to the phone (for example, if the transmission via Bluetooth does not work).

Transfer from Nokia

The fastest and easiest way to transfer (export, import) Nokia contacts is to use a SIM card. For this method, the user does not need to install additional programs. To transfer contacts from Nokia, do the following:

  • open the application for calls;
  • select all the necessary numbers;
  • select the option "Move to SIM card";
  • turn off your Nokia phone, remove the card and move it to your Android smartphone.
Transfer Contacts To Xiaomi From Different Devices

The disadvantage of this method is that the number of numbers is limited by the size of the SIM card. If you can’t transfer all the numbers the first time, then you can do it in 2 calls.

To a memory card

In order to transfer applications to the memory card installed in the smartphone of the Xiaomi brand, the user will need a third-party program, since the standard function for moving data in devices of this brand is not provided. If you need to transfer applications to a USB flash drive, it is best to use the Clean Master utility, which is designed to clean unnecessary files. After its launch, you should select "Application Manager", tick off the items for copying applications to SD and click on the "Move" button.

On computer

To save the numbers from the Xiaomi phone to the computer, you must perform the following steps:

  • open the application for calls;
  • hold the "Menu" button until the settings appear;
  • select the item "Import and Export";
  • click on "Export to memory", after which the message "The list of contacts will be exported to a file" should appear;
  • confirm the action with the OK button;
  • after the export is completed, a notification should appear;
  • if everything was done correctly, the file 00001.vcf will appear in the root directory of the smartphone.
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After performing the above steps, you can transfer contacts from the phone’s memory to the computer by copying the created file.