Turning Up The Volume On Xiaomi – A Practical Guide

Turning Up The Volume On Xiaomi - A Practical Guide

How to increase speaker volume on Xiaomi?

A number of owners of smartphones running Android OS complain that their devices are unable to reproduce sound loudly. Because of this, it often becomes impossible to hear the melody of an incoming call or interlocutor during a telephone conversation. Also Due to the factory settings, the sound in the headphones may be underestimated. In this article, we will talk about how to increase the speaker volume on Xiaomi.

After actions to increase the volume there is a risk of harming the smartphone.

There are several ways to solve the problem.

You can make Xiaomi louder using the following tools:

  • engineering menu;
  • Recovery;
  • system file.

Volume up with Recovery

To begin with, it should be noted that To use this method, you must obtain Root rights and install custom Recovery. If this is done, you can begin the procedure to increase the volume on Xiaomi.
So, you need to download the archives for a specific firmware version on w3bsit3-dns.com and move them to the root of the memory card. After that, you should start the smartphone in recovery mode:

  • disconnect the phone;
  • hold and hold the power key and volume down button for 10–20 seconds.

When Recovery starts, you need to select “Install with zip” and specify the path to previously downloaded archives. Next, you need to restart the smartphone. After that, Xiaomi volume should be increased.

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Increase volume by editing a system file

By this The method is often used by those who suffer from low volume levels in headphones.

As in the case of Recovery, to apply this method, you need Root rights.

So first of all download and install any file manager, if it is not on the smartphone. As an example, consider an application called ES Explorer. Having opened the program, go to the “Root Explorer” item and find the file “mixer_paths_tasha”.

After opening the file, a large number of lines will appear on the smartphone screen. In order to increase the volume on Xiaomi, you need to use only two:

Next you just need change the values ​​of 11 in both lines to 16, save changes and restart your smartphone.

Increase the volume in the engineering menu

It often happens that the volume of one of the speakers is high, and the second is low. Either the multimedia speaker and the speaker work loudly, and the sound in the headphones is quiet. This The problem is solved simply and does not require obtaining Root rights. You can increase the speaker volume on Xiaomi using the engineering menu.

To go to the engineering menu, you need to dial the key combination: * # * # 3646633 # * # *. After that, the service menu appears on the smartphone’s display. In it, select the “Hardware” tab and go to the “Audio” item. Then a large list of various settings will open, of which we are only interested in the first five.

In the engineering menu, you can adjust the volume level under any conditions. For example, in headphones, in a microphone, for games and playing music, etc.

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The “Level” item is responsible for the volume level. In it you can set the value "Value". The maximum is 255, the minimum is 0. For example, in order to increase the volume of the spoken speaker on Xiaomi, you need to go to the “Headset Mode” item, select the “Type” field and click on “sph”. Then in the new window, select “Level 6” and set the value of the “Value” parameter to the maximum.

How can you understand sph is responsible for setting up the speaker. You can adjust the parameters of the external speaker and microphone in the following points:

Turning Up The Volume On Xiaomi - A Practical Guide
  • mic – microphone settings;
  • media – increase / decrease the volume during games and when playing music and video;
  • ring – setting the ringtone of an incoming call.

It must be remembered that when Increasing the volume on Xiaomi using the engineering menu may cause wheezing during sound playback.

Setting smooth volume control

Probably, many owners of Xiaomi smartphones, and devices from other manufacturers, have encountered the problem of incorrect operation of the volume keys. After clicking on one of the buttons, the sound became significantly louder / quieter. This is caused by incorrect setting of the “Value” value, or rather, by large gaps in it.

To solve the problem, you again need to use the engineering menu of the smartphone. How to open it and which sections are responsible for what, we considered in the previous paragraph. In the engineering menu, select the problem parameter and adjust the value "Level". For example, if “Level 14” is equal to 250, we need to reduce each previous value by 12 points. Thus, “Level 13” will be at the level of 238, “Level 12” – at the level of 226, “Level 11” – at 214, “Level 10” – at 202 and so on. After completing these steps, the volume on the smartphone will begin to decrease / increase more smoothly.

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Headphone Volume Up

Recently, representatives of the Chinese company Xiaomi announced that Soon a new version of the proprietary shell will be presented, namely MIUI 10 (possibly MIUI X). However, now most smartphones use MIUI 9, and when it was just released, many phone owners started complaining about the quiet sound in their headphones. It was reported that the problem arose immediately after installing a stable version of the firmware.

You can solve the problem by changing the region in the settings menu of the Xiaomi smartphone. To do this, follow these steps:

  • open settings;
  • select the item "Advanced settings";
  • click on the “Region” parameter;
  • choose Taiwan.

In most situations, this helps to solve the problem without even restarting the smartphone. However, if after performing all the operations, the volume of sound reproduction in the headphones has not increased, you can still restart the phone.