Wealth managers and advisors to increase exposure to cryptocurrencies

According to a study by ETF issuer HANetf, about three out of four wealth managers and IFAs plan to increase their exposure to cryptocurrencies over the next 12 months.

Of the 75 wealth managers and CPIs interviewed as part of HANetf’s biannual survey Review of Digital Assets and Cryptography75% expect to increase their crypto weighting next year, with Bitcoin being the preferred coin by a large margin.

According to the research, some 59% of wealth managers had a positive view on Bitcoin, compared to just 16% who were positive on Ethereum.

In terms of regulation, while 41% of respondents believe regulators will make more adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, 52% believe they will make it more difficult for investors to gain access.

Additionally, 29% believe the UK will have the most accommodating regulatory environment for crypto in five years, followed by 20% who said Switzerland.

Hector McNeil, co-CEO and co-founder of HANetf, said: “Investors are increasingly interested in crypto-assets, despite the particularly volatile start to this year. According to experts in the crypto field, clearer and firmer regulation should be a welcome change for investors, as it would potentially bring greater stability to a notoriously volatile market.

Dolores W. Simon