Wealth managers take their own advice and give it to WGCU

Ron and Marianne Gymer have been watching PBS NewsHour regularly for 45 years. “We remember when it was the MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour,” Marianne said recently from their home in Naples.

Many of those years were spent watching WVIZ, the PBS station from Cleveland, Ohio. WVIZ is part of the Ideastream public media group serving northeast Ohio. For the past eight years, the Gymers have lived in southwest Florida and watched PBS NewsHour on WGCU.

Their list of favorite PBS programs is long and varied “with an emphasis on objective and unbiased reporting, broad-spectrum educational programming for all ages, and high-quality entertainment programming that does not feature gratuitous violence and pyrotechnics. “, according to Ron. “As we tried to prioritize our charitable giving program, we looked for organizations that had the greatest influence on the most of our institutions, that had a global perspective in every sense of the word. We support more than one charity, but PBS is our main focus because of its overall influence on our society.

The couple are concerned about the future of the country – the culture, the institutions, the need for accurate and comprehensive information and education. Marianne delved into a few very specific qualities that make PBS NewsHour particularly noteworthy. “Judy Woodruff always tries to see a story from all angles, regardless of politics and the program has an international agenda. The focus is on educating the public, not just courting viewers with overrated ‘breaking news’ banners,” she said.

Ron explained what made the couple take action now. “There came a time when two things came together. If you have planned well, you find that your resources are more than sufficient and you recognize the possibility that you are not immortal.

Ron and Marianne are now retired from the wealth management industry. “The financial planning advice we gave to others applied to ourselves as well,” Marianne said. “We’ve worked with many clients who waited too long to do their estate planning and the result was that their assets didn’t pass in a way that was consistent with what we knew to be their true wishes,” Ron said. . “It’s easy to procrastinate. Estate planning is not easy and requires many often difficult decisions to be made. But we didn’t want to be the cobbler whose kids didn’t have shoes.

In addition to supporting WGCU, they support the National PBS Foundation. “We recognize the value of supporting the local station and at the same time we wanted to support the national effort,” Ron said.

“We’ve always been inclined towards philanthropy, but it took time to get to the point where our abilities matched our desires,” Marianne said.

“Wishing for a better world won’t make it happen,” Ron said. “Each of us has an obligation to do what we can to make this happen and there is no better time than the present. Decide which organizations you want to support and donate today, even a small And, if you are lucky enough to have a legacy capability, make sure you have a current plan in place as it can have a substantial impact on organizations like PBS and the future of the country.

Indeed, it is true, since 60% of WGCU’s revenue comes from individual donations. These revenues cover the cost of broad and diverse national and local news, educational and entertainment programming for the Southwest Florida region.

Donor Relations Specialist Jennifer Denike works closely with WGCU Legacy Society donors to ensure a donor’s intentions are met as part of their legacy plans. “The most rewarding part of my career is working with donors to connect their passions with WGCU’s mission to inspire, educate and entertain members of our community,” Denike said. “For so many people, we are their window to the world and their best friend, so it is also gratifying for them to know that they are securing the future of WGCU for all.”

Whether you want to maintain the award-winning programs you love or shape the future of public media, your planned gift of any amount will help ensure WGCU’s ability to create and deliver rich programming for the southeastern community. West Florida for years to come.

A number of planned giving options are available and some planned gifts may provide tax benefits, income for you or your family, or estate planning benefits, while supporting WGCU’s mission. We will work closely and confidentially with you and your advisors. For more information about supporting WGCU with your bequest, contact Jennifer Denike at (239) 590-2514 or [email protected]

Charitable donations should be considered carefully. We recommend that you consult with a lawyer, financial advisor or estate planning expert to prepare your will or trust and charitable planning. WGCU cannot provide legal or tax advice.

Dolores W. Simon