What Is A Battery Case, What Is It For?

What Is A Battery Case, What Is It For?

We all know how sad it is when on your phone (smartphone) the charge level is practically at zero and there is simply nowhere to charge it. You say, where can this happen? Yes, anywhere, for example:

Example No. 1. In the airoport. You are going on a business trip, but you forgot to charge the phone or simply talked about it, lost it, online your whole charge 🙂 Of course there are sockets at the airport, but they are usually all busy. Someone is charging their laptop, phone, tablet. You need to make an important call to your wife, husband, boss, and anyone else, but you frantically looking at the icon on the phone, you try to somehow magically extend its charge so that it does not turn off at all.

Example No. 2. You ride the train. The trip takes several days. On the first day, you talked with relatives, relatives, listened to music, watched the video, and suddenly an ominous light began to light up, informing you that the phone would turn off soon and all the entertainment of this mobile device would end. You can try to charge the phone. There are sockets in the train car, but there are also evil conductors who constantly swear that you are sucking all the energy of the train with your phone and because of you the whole car will simply break.

Example No. 3. You and your family gathered for a picnic, a camping trip, fishing, with tents. You can’t find a 220 volt outlet in the forest, you are left alone with nature. And in the forest, anything can happen, and the means of communication is not in last place here. Where to charge it?

In order for you to always stay in touch and not worry about the charge level of your phone, a battery case has been created. Some call it a charging case, a battery cover, but this does not change the essence of the matter. What it is? In fact, this is a case for your phone with a built-in high-capacity battery. That is, it’s like a second battery for the phone that starts working (charging the battery of the phone itself), as soon as you press the button, and even protect your phone in the event of a fall, shock, because modern battery cases are made of durable shockproof plastic.

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And for what models do battery covers do? Of course, the undoubted leaders for which the battery cases are made are the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Let’s see how it looks like this battery case. One example of how such a device looks for the iPhone is presented below. You can find out more about this model. HERE

There are also options for battery cases in the form of an overlay; they almost do not change the appearance of the phone. Read more for iPhoe 4 / 4S or for iPhoe 5 / 5S / 5C

Other options for battery covers. Let’s see a gallery collected from various Internet resources.

For testing and testing, we have several models of different capacities for different iPhone models, both on 4 / 4s and 5 / 5s / 5c.

To begin with, let’s see how much they weigh in reality with their stated capacity. The manufacturer indicates the following weight for each of the models:

one. Battery Case for iPhone 4 / 4s Mophie, 2000 mAh,
weight according to documents. 78 gram, real weight by weight. 80 gram.

2. Battery Case for iPhone 4 / 4s Kmoso (Power Bank) 3000 mA / h,
weight according to documents. 90 gram, real weight by weight. 96 gram.

3. Battery Case for iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c PowerBank 2500 mAh,
weight according to documents. 75 gram, real weight by weight. 76 gram.

four. Battery Case for iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c Kmoso (DF iBattery) 4200 mA / h,
weight according to documents. 110 gram, real weight by weight. 116 gram.

Many may be interested, but how is this battery case designed? What is inside? On the Internet, many say that the claimed capacity of the battery case is different from the real one (installed battery in the case), i.e. Manufacturers write that their case is a battery with a capacity of 3000 mA / h, and if you disassemble the case and remove the battery from it, it will have a completely different inscription, for example, instead of 3000 mA / h, a battery with a capacity of 2200 mA / h will be installed. We became very interested and we decided to disassemble this useful device 🙂 We will disassemble the battery case at number 2, with a battery capacity of 3000 mA / h.

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And what do we see? A 3.7 V 3000 mAh Li-Ion battery is installed inside, the capacity of the built-in battery corresponds to the declared capacity of the manufacturer 🙂 4 wires are supplied to the 30-pin connector: yellow, red, green and black. Let’s look at the pinout diagram of this connector and figure out why each of the wires is needed.

It turns out that they are used to charge the phone 16th and 23th contact, and for data transfer are used 25th and 27th contact. This means that the phone, without removing it from the battery case, can be connected to the computer via a standard Apple cable for data transfer.

Next, we consider the process of charging the phone from the battery case. To start, we discharge the phone to a charge of 15%. We measure the voltage of the discharged battery in the iPhone.

What Is A Battery Case, What Is It For?

The voltage of a discharged battery (15% charge) in an iPhone corresponds to approximately 3.78 volts.

Next, measure the voltage of a fully charged battery in the case. The voltage is 4.3 volts. Photo below.

We install the phone in the battery case and press the switch. The process of charging the phone began, and the battery in the case began to give off energy 🙂

The phone is fully charged 100% after 1 hour 50 minutes. The battery level in the case was 3.97 volts.

We measure the voltage of a fully charged battery in an iPhone. It amounted to 4.2 volts, which corresponds to the voltage of a fully charged battery.

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It turns out that our phone was 100% charged in 1 hour 50 minutes from the battery case, and our battery case was discharged by about 50%. Let’s go even further and try to recharge the fully discharged phone already from the battery cover, discharged by 50%.

Repeatedly, the phone discharged to 15% is fully charged at 100% after 2 hours 18 minutes. The battery level in the case was 3.73 volts. He was almost exhausted. The second time our phone was charged 40. 50 minutes longer, because the battery case was only half charged. We can conclude that the battery case with a capacity of 3000 mAh is able to recharge a discharged iPhone battery from 15% to 100% twice in a row.

And how much does the battery case itself charge? Let’s check, because our mail battery cover is completely discharged. We connect the standard charger from the iPhone to the battery case, the red light came on and the charging process began.

After 5 hours, our battery case with 3.79 volts is fully charged to 4.3 volts and a green light comes on, indicating that it is ready for use.