What To Do If The Battery On The Phone Is Swollen Why Is The Battery In The Phone Most Often Inflated

What To Do If The Battery On The Phone Is Swollen Why Is The Battery In The Phone Most Often Inflated

Unfortunately, mankind has not yet come up with mechanisms that are able to work continuously and at the same time not wear out. Surely many of us noticed that a few months after acquiring a mobile phone, it begins to discharge more and more quickly. But it’s not as bad as bloating the battery. What to do if the battery on the phone is swollen?

Signs of a swollen battery

You can determine that the battery has started to swell by the following signs:

  1. The back panel of the smartphone, covering the battery, constantly flies, it is difficult to close it.
  2. A phone with a fully charged battery lasts only a few hours.
  3. There was a need for constant recharging of the phone.
  4. The smartphone is often overloaded, spontaneously turns on and off.
  5. The gadget has been working for over 2 years.

It is generally accepted that the battery for the phone lasts no more than 3 years. It is for such a period that it is designed. After that, the battery gradually loses capacity and swells.

Can I use the phone (the battery is swollen)?

After detecting this defect, many will decide that an instant battery replacement is not needed, since it can last for some more time. Of course, the phone will often crash and require recharging. If you do not replace the battery in time, then at the most unexpected moment the device will stop working, and it will have to be taken for repair or even thrown away. This is because the batteries contain hazardous substances that can penetrate the gadget, which will cause irreparable damage to it.

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A swollen battery is dangerous not only for the device itself. Increasingly, on thematic forums you can find reports of mobile phone explosions. And this, as you know, is dangerous not only for the owner himself, but also for his relatives, friends, neighbors. An explosion occurs because gases have accumulated in the battery. Therefore, keeping a bloated battery in a house is extremely dangerous.

It is also important to note that lithium-ion batteries cannot be disposed of with regular waste. The fact is that even after disposal, they continue to be hazardous to the environment. A failed battery should be taken to specialized collection and disposal points.

Reasons for the defect

Why is the battery on my phone swollen? There can be many reasons for this:

  1. Manufacturing defect. Quite often, the defect is found in batteries made in China and is detected within a month from the start of using the phone.
  2. Beats, falling smartphone. At the same time, the battery may become unusable even if the case is in excellent condition.
  3. The owner is charging the phone incorrectly. For example, with a sharp disconnection from the charger, a resource is consumed.
  4. Phone falling into water.
  5. Using the device at elevated or reduced temperature.
  6. Using a non-original charger.
  7. Incorrect storage. This case includes storing the phone in pockets, bags, wallets.
  8. Using the phone over 2 years.

How to extend the life of the phone?

The battery for the phone can last longer if you follow the following recommendations:

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS and other applications when unnecessary to minimize energy costs.
  2. Remove the battery and inspect it. Batteries with an aluminum case have a special connector on the side panel. When you lift it, the gases begin to escape, and after a while the battery will become flat again.
  3. The battery should be charged when it is fully discharged. At the same time, each subsequent recharging should be brought to 100%.
  4. You need to store the phone in a special case and protect it from moisture, drops and other external influences.
  5. Use only high-quality and original chargers that are suitable specifically for your phone model.
  6. The battery condition should be monitored at least once every 2-3 months. Such periodic checks will evaluate battery performance.
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When to buy a new battery?

What to do if the battery on the phone is swollen, we have already considered. But is there a need to buy a new battery? You need to buy a new battery under the following circumstances:

  • The maximum battery life of the phone was reduced to a few hours.
  • The phone has stopped taking charge. First you need to make sure that the charger is functioning.

The battery on the phone swelled. warranty case?

Are cases of swelling of the battery related to warranty? First of all, it is worth noting that a failed battery will not be repaired, since it is subject to disposal. The warranty also includes telephone repair, but this case is still a warranty. The seller must provide the buyer with a similar phone model for the repair period. Also, the device can be returned to the seller, for this it is necessary to write a corresponding complaint.


So what to do if the battery on the phone is swollen? Since the battery is very dangerous, further use leads to fire, and sometimes to explosions. If a defect is found, turn off the phone and do not connect it to the charger. If the battery is removable, remove it and contact a service center. Throwing it into a regular garbage container is not worth it, for this you need to contact the collection point, which can be found using the Internet.

A swollen battery is far from rare in our time. According to statistics, about 80% of batteries operating over 3 years fail. What to do if the battery on the phone is swollen, we examined in detail. To prevent such a malfunction, the following recommendations should be observed. A swollen battery carries a danger not only to the owner of the phone, but also to others. It must be disposed of at special collection points. If the phone is under warranty, the battery will be replaced at the service center, since it cannot be repaired.