What To Do If You Forgot Your Xiaomi Password

What To Do If You Forgot Your Xiaomi Password

A modern smartphone has a large number of protective elements: a symbolic, graphic password, digital code or fingerprint sensor (in certain models). This article will be useful to everyone if the Xiaomi user has forgotten the password or there is no possibility of entering it.

Basic unlock methods

The essence of the problem is that the smartphone is locked, and any attempt to enter a key or code leads to its complete blocking for a certain time, which increases in proportion to the number of incorrect entries. Also, a problem often arises due to the inability to use the fingerprint sensor, which usually relaxes the user, leading to the fact that he forgets the unlock data. There are several basic ways that a device can be unlocked.

They differ not only in implementation, but also in the nuances associated with firmware versions. For example, the MIUI 7 version allows you to reset the protection using the standard "Forgot Password" button, but in the MIUI 8 version, when you enter the graphic key, this button is missing. So, we will consider all possible ways of how to remove the block.

Standard password recovery method

So, if the pattern for removing the block is forgotten, then there may be two options.

For firmware versions up to MIUI 7, the option is simpler:

  1. If the drawing or password is incorrectly applied, the smartphone owner will see a characteristic notification about the phone blocking (Phone has been locked).
  2. Accordingly, you need to click "Forgot Password" to proceed to unlock via Google or Mi accounts.
  3. Then enter authorization data to enter the selected account.
  4. That’s all: you can install a new key or change the locking method.
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If the firmware version is higher, and clicking “Forgot Password” does not work, then you should use one of the methods below. Similarly, the above method is valid for a digital or symbolic combination.

Password reset via Recovery

Another option is to completely reset the device through the Recovery menu. For some devices, it is available immediately after purchase, but in most cases you will need to request permission from Xiaomi to unlock your bootloader. We will discuss this in more detail in a separate article.

Using this instruction will completely delete all data on your device and reset the settings. If you have valuable data on the memory card, you should remove it from the device.

A standard configuration reset is performed as follows:

What To Do If You Forgot Your Xiaomi Password
  1. The device turns off.
  2. The buttons are clamped: rocker to increase the sound volume and inclusion.
  3. Now, if your bootloader is activated, the “Recovery” menu will open.
  4. In it you need to select the Wipe menu&Reset ”, and then click“ Wipe all data ”, which will lead to a complete reset of the configurations and data on the smartphone.
  5. After rebooting the device, the screen lock will be released without any protection and the phone will be configured as new.

In an extreme case, if the smartphone of its owner is annoying with other problems, it is possible to flash the device via Mi Flash, by means of which the password will be reset, but this is a separate issue that requires individual disclosure, as installing a new firmware is much more difficult than resetting the device.

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Reset via phone search service

If the previous methods do not help, you can use the reset through the google service. In the phone settings, your google mail account must be authorized. You must remember the username and password for it.

Your need on any android-device enter your google account, then go to google play and install the official program for remote device management. In the dialog box, select your device for installation. The application must be remotely installed on a locked phone.