Why Does The Computer Constantly Restart

Why Does The Computer Constantly Restart

Hello! Your computer assistant is in touch. Today we’ll talk about a rather unpleasant problem, which however has its place in the life of a computer. spontaneous reboot. Sometimes it happens that during the next power-up when the operating system boots up, the computer itself “decides” to go to reboot, and so on to infinity. If you are interested in how to solve a similar problem, then you have come to the right place, this article is about that.

In most cases, you can independently solve the problem, but go for it if you understand well what you have to deal with, and we will help you with this.

In fact, the reasons, it turns out, can be much more than it seems at first glance – these are both malfunctions of a software type and hardware. Of course, determining the type of problem is complicated by the fact that sometimes there is no way to start the computer itself, but about everything in turn. The following are the most likely causes of this “incorrect” behavior and tips for resolving them.


The most common problem leading to this outcome is the presence of viruses on your computer. Most of the viruses are fully activated just after the next turn on or restart, which explains the correct behavior of the computer before shutting down.

For most Windows OSs, the solution to this problem is to boot the OS in Safe Mode or in the Last Operating Configuration mode. In order to get to the configuration selection menu, you must press the F8 key after turning on the computer.

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After starting in Safe Mode, update your antivirus software and scan your device for viruses. OS updates can also help solve the problem.

In addition, check the list of "Startup" programs. Malicious shortcuts may be located here, so exclude unknown applications from this list.

One of the most effective ways is to roll back the system to the point of restoration of the last working state when the computer was in good condition. For this, the menu for creating recovery points should be active before infection (still in working condition). After restoring the system’s functionality, check your computer for malicious software using an anti-virus program.

You can also boot from the licensed disk of the installed OS and select the "Recovery" mode.

If all of the above methods did not solve the problem, you will have to format the disk and reinstall the operating system. In order not to lose files that are valuable to you, we recommend that you first remove the hard drive from the system unit and, after inserting it into a working computer (preferably with an antivirus program installed), copy them there temporarily.

If none of this helps, the problem is most likely in the hardware. Move on.

Hardware problem

The most common problem of this type of error family is a problem with the hard drive. It is likely that the boot partition failed. In this case, the hard disk should be checked using specialized diagnostic programs – if errors are found, they should be eliminated. Otherwise, you will have to replace your hard drive, and then install the OS on a new one, respectively.

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Failure can also RAM. To detect its errors, there are also specialized programs. If the error is in it, the RAM board will have to be replaced.

Why Does The Computer Constantly Restart

There is a case where the cause of cyclic reboots is a malfunction in the video card. Then the scenario of your actions is as follows: having activated Safe Mode, update the drivers for the video card by installing the latest version. If there is no effect, show it to a specialist in order to detect a malfunction.

Oddly enough, dust clogging can also cause uncontrolled computer behavior. In this case, the system unit must be untwisted and vacuumed. Be extremely careful when performing this manipulation, as increases the likelihood of damage to the chip during the cleaning process. It is better to contact the master.

A problem of this kind is encountered in practice rather rarely and is easily eliminated. To do this, you just need to reset the BIOS to factory settings and reboot. If you do not know how to do this, read our article on this topic.

Another reason might be installing incompatible software or drivers. To solve it, you should start in Safe mode and reinstall all the drivers or remove the incompatible program (remember what you installed the day before).


The above are the most common causes that can “cause” your computer to constantly restart and recipes for resolving such problems. There are also a number of other reasons, however, they require deeper intervention in the computer, which, most likely, cannot be done at home. Therefore, in such cases, you should contact the support center or the master.

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