Why Phone Numbers Are Not Detected

Why Phone Numbers Are Not Detected

Over the past couple of years, there are often cases when the numbers of incoming calls are not displayed on a mobile phone. At the same time, it doesn’t matter at all what kind of mobile operator serves you, model and brand of phone. The situation was noticed on Nokia, and on Xiaomi, HTC, Samsung, and with the mobile operators MTS, Tele2, Megafon, Beeline and so on.

In the article, we will tell you what to do if the incoming number is defined as “Unknown”, or the contacts recorded in the book earlier are not displayed.

All incoming calls are identified as “Unknown”

Reasons for the failure

This situation has already become fatal to many. People could not think of anything, although they did various methods, even replaced SIM cards. We will try to do without extremely radical measures. The causes of malfunctions are few. Causes:

  • no money on the phone;
  • Invalid number display status
  • knocked down parameters of the telecom operator and the device itself;
  • copying contacts from one device to another, resulting in failures;
  • exposed country in smartphone settings;
  • incorrectly saved contacts (shortening the numbers (+7.);
  • duplicate numbers;
  • not enough space on the phone, and both clogged RAM and lack of internal memory are to blame;
  • used network activation through Gevey Sim;
  • the phone has been updated or reflashed (manual flashing).
Why Phone Numbers Are Not Detected

Some operators, in order to display the numbers of incoming calls, ask to activate the service. You are lucky – it is free. Unfortunately, the operator does not always notify the user about this.

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What to check if incoming numbers are not detected?

This problem is solved quite simply, you are in luck. And even if the following steps fail to fix the problem, change the SIM card. Moreover, now when you replace the SIM card, your phone number is saved.

First, check the following

  • Are all numbers correct, do they start correctly (+ 7 …), are there duplicates? They should be removed or merged.
  • First of all, check the balance on the phone. Usually, when there is zero or minus (especially for Beeline and Tele2 subscribers) there are problems with highlighting incoming. Try to fund your account. With a positive balance, everything should return to square one.
  • Bought a new sim card? The “number identification” function may be turned off. Call your operator (they will tell you how to enable such a service), go to their website, in your personal account, and install it manually. Also, many operators release their applications. Download (via Google Play, App Store), install, launch and set everything manually. At MTS, for example, the application is called “My MTS”. Go in and install the service “Auto Detect Number”.

Check if the Caller ID option is active

If you have an iPhone

If you have an iphone and you activated the network through Gevey Sim, look at what country is listed in the smartphone settings. Play around with different countries. Sometimes it helps to exhibit European states, Russia, China and others. Do not worry, nothing should change on your smartphone. In addition, everything can be returned back.

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If the device has recently been updated or reflashed, you can roll back the system, or reset it to the factory settings. Go to “Settings” – “General Settings” – “Backup and Reset” – “Reset Device”.

There is another way – turn off the smartphone – hold the “Volume up”, “Menu key” buttons (if it is not there, skip the item) and the “Turn on / off” button. We advise you not to release the keys (except for the “Shutdown” button) for about 20 seconds (until Recovery appears). After the appearance of a new window, you must select (volume keys) the desired item – factory reset. We reset and delete all data. After that, we reboot the device.

Reset Android firmware settings

The item above can help with any difficulties associated with our problem.

If it writes an unknown number on Xiaomi

Recently, a lot of problems are caused with Xiaomi brand phones. That’s because they have their own MIUI system. To troubleshoot, just turn off its optimization.

  1. “Settings” – “About the device” – “MIUI version” (actively click on the item 10 times) – the tablet “Developer settings are open” will appear on the screen.
  2. We go back, click on the item “Advanced” – the “For Developers” menu has appeared.
  3. Press and turn off the system update.


Be sure to check the above tips if you do not see incoming call numbers. At most times, a failure can be fixed very quickly and easily. If suddenly the tips do not help, up to the firmware. We’ll have to go to the service center and show the device. But before that, check the operation of another SIM on this phone. If there are no problems with it, then go to the operator’s branch and change the SIM card.