Why The Headphones Do Not Work

Why The Headphones Do Not Work

Quite often, recently, many users have encountered a problem when their headphones do not work. In fact, various phenomena can be the reason for this. Some of them, to be honest, you can still try to fix it. Only often, if your headphones refused to work, should you prepare to purchase a completely new headset. Moreover, better. Plus, in order to understand the true cause of the breakdown, as a rule, you have to consider where and for what purpose the headphones were used. For example, on a computer, mobile, tablet, player, and so on. Let’s try to figure out what’s what.

No drivers

The first option, which only needs to be taken into account when you connect the headphones to the computer. this is the lack of special drivers on the device. And sound. Then your headphones and speakers do not work. But this problem is usually resolved very easily.

Simply find the site of the developer of your sound card on the Internet, select the appropriate model of equipment there, and then download the drivers. Next, install them on your computer and reboot. Now you can try to connect speakers or a headset. As a rule, everything starts to work in full force. It is only necessary to adjust the volume and sound gain.

True, if your headphones do not work on your computer after installing sound drivers, the reason for this may be different scenarios. Which ones? Let’s try to figure this out.


The second option, in which the headphones and speakers on your computer do not work, is a banal reset of sound settings in the operating system. Or a completely disabled option for playing music on a computer.

To be honest, this phenomenon. far from uncommon among users. Especially for beginners, this is very common. To fix it, plug in your headset, and then turn on your computer. Now pay attention to the gramophone in the lower right corner of the screen (near the clock and calendar). Click on it.

You will pop out a small socket with a slider. The higher it is, the louder the sound. Set it to maximum, and then close this menu. You can check the equipment. Do you still have headphones that don’t work? Then you have to look for the cause of such a phenomenon elsewhere. Fortunately, there are still many possible alternatives. And some of them are eliminated easily and simply.

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Computer problems

There is another very funny scenario. If your headphones do not work on your computer, then first of all, try to check if everything is okay with the connectors where you connect the equipment. It is very important.

In cases where the headset does not work exclusively with you, but all the drivers and settings are set, you really have to sin on "nests" connectivity. The point is in them? Then take your computer for repair and replace them. Or use others (on stationary versions, panels for connecting additional equipment are on the front and back).

In truth, this problem is usually overlooked. More precisely, they begin to fight it at the very end, when all the options have already been tried. Headphones on a laptop or computer do not work, but is everything ok with the connectors? Then let’s try to find the reason for this behavior elsewhere. So far, only regarding computers and laptops. Indeed, in the case of mobile phones, as a rule, the reasons differ slightly. And so the options for dealing with "ailments" others too.

Poor quality equipment

Why don’t my headphones work on my computer? In fact, there are a lot of reasons. Nevertheless, it is also worth paying attention to such a factor as the quality of the connected equipment. Maybe it’s not very good?

Reviews and practice show that if you have not selected the best quality model of headphones, then you should not even be surprised. The fact is that many manufacturers "hack" during the manufacture of their products. Hence the quick breakdown of your headphones.

There are several options for the development of events. If you recently bought a new headset, then it can be exchanged. Of course, if the warranty period has not passed. Then you will no longer have to think about why your headphone sound is not working. In cases where the warranty has expired, it will be necessary to buy new equipment. Now approach the choice of a headset a little more seriously than last time. And, of course, follow the operating rules for use.

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Do you think why the headphones on the computer do not work if all of the listed scenarios are not suitable for you? In this case, you can try to check your "iron friend" for the presence of computer infection in the system. Sometimes viruses are the main cause of equipment failure. And not only the headset.

To be honest, there is only one way to overcome this problem – by treating the computer. Or reinstalling the operating system with full data formatting and subsequent installation of drivers. As a rule, users try to use the second method. It is often more effective. Especially if you initially save all your data to some third-party removable media. True, there are a number of reasons why your microphone does not work on headphones, as well as the headset itself. What is this about? Now we will find out.

Proper connection

Does the microphone on the headphones not work? Then try to check if you have connected your equipment correctly to play and record sound. The fact is that often such "Technics" has two connectors – one for "speakers"another for a microphone. They are painted in different colors.

Only now, users have the habit of confusing these two wires and connecting them to the wrong place. Please note that the computer or laptop for the microphone has its own "nest". Near it is a small microphone. And opposite the headphone jack draw, as a rule, a gramophone or speakers. Occasionally – a thumbnail image of this headset.

Why The Headphones Do Not Work

Connect all wires correctly. It is important that they are inserted into the connector to the maximum. That is deep. Now configure the equipment using a special panel, and then check whether everything works. As a rule, this move should help. Just not always. There are rare cases when nothing helps. In this situation, there is also a way out. And he is not as radical as it might seem at first glance.


Headphones do not work for you? Then it makes sense to take the equipment and computer for repair. At a service center for a moderate fee, they can help you. The main thing is to tell us which methods you have already tried. This will reduce troubleshooting time.

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In truth, if you are not initially confident in your abilities, it would be better to choose this particular approach. Just bring your equipment (along with a computer) to a dedicated computer and equipment help desk, and then explain the situation. You can wait for the result. Plus, if you have really serious problems, they will be fixed very quickly.

And now let’s try to figure out what else could be the reasons for this behavior. For example, there are situations when one earphone on a gadget does not work. And still, this is a telephone or a computer. It is worthwhile to clearly understand where this problem comes from in order to solve it in time or prevent future recurrences.

If only one

Does one earphone not work, and the second plays music just fine? Then try to check how well the cord from the headset is plugged into the connection jack. This applies to both computers and phones. Moreover, on smartphones, as a rule, this problem arises extremely often.

If there is any problem, remove the wire and turn it on again. Just maximize the connection depth. Usually at this moment a soft click is heard. Now you can try to check the quality of the headset.


So, today we figured out why the headphones on the computer and other gadgets do not work. As you can see, the scenarios are enough for an inexperienced user to get confused in them.

To be honest, the problems with the headset on the computer (or rather, in the programs) are most often observed. For example, in "Skype". In order for you to hear sound, in many applications you have to pre-configure the equipment. This is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. But after that, as a rule, everything starts to work in full force. If this does not happen, then it makes sense to change the headset, as well as contact specialized computer help centers, where they will help you deal with the problem.