Xiaomi Smartphone Features Comparison Chart

Xiaomi Smartphone Features Comparison Chart

Xiaomi was able to quickly gain an extensive customer base by offering high-quality smartphones on the market at an affordable price. But initially the lineup of Xiaomi was not as diverse as that of its main competitors, and it was obvious that in the foreseeable future, the Chinese manufacturer will develop new phone models.

Today, the Xiaomi lineup has become very diverse, but at the same time, you can easily understand the features of a particular branch of smartphones, unlike, say, competitors represented by Meizu or Samsung.

In order to make it more convenient for you to choose the right Xiaomi phone option for yourself, we offer to compare all the models that have left the company at the moment, finding similarities and differences in them, and, thus, having determined the competitive advantages of each.

The main lines of Xiaomi

If we want to compare Xiaomi based on all the well-known models of the company’s gadgets, then we can distinguish three main lines:

  1. Mi. Phones of this line receive the flagship hardware and are suitable for the most demanding customers. There is a large supply of power and advanced system capabilities. Qualcomm series processors deliver a high level of performance. The excellent build quality and use of metal cases ensures the durability of the gadgets. Here are the best Xiaomi cameras, characterized by optical stabilization, the ability to shoot in manual mode, and, of course, a large number of megapixels. The most frequent firmware update is organized specifically for the Mi lineup models.
  2. Redmi. This includes the best budget options for smartphones. Since 2013, they were equipped with MediaTek processors, and now some models get Snapdragon, which, however, does not increase their cost. All Xiaomi Redmi phones will be a great choice for those who want to get a reliable gadget without making excessive demands on it. The device will not be able to play games with exorbitant graphics, but in business and everyday life, Xiaomi Redmi will become simply irreplaceable. The use of simpler components compared to the Mi line allows you to significantly reduce the price of Xiaomi Redmi gadgets and make them closer to the mass consumer. The design is also a little simpler than that of the flagship brother, but the case is also metal. Every year, the technical characteristics of the devices of this line are improving, and therefore it is not surprising that Xiaomi Redmi is currently considered the most popular on the market.
  3. MiPad To compare Xiaomi fully – it means to remember also the line of tablets from this company. At the moment, 3 tablets have appeared in the lineup, and a real breakthrough has created the appearance of the MiPad2 model – it was seriously compared with the iPad! The technical indicators are really competitive, and we will talk about the advantages of each model further.
Xiaomi Smartphone Features Comparison Chart

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For convenience, each of the lines can be subdivided into several categories, which is what we are proposing to do now in order to fully compare Xiaomi for all models on the market.